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Time-poor professionals need to be able to win new business, as well as measure, review and report on their performance quickly. And they need to do this while communicating their value to the investment process.

Our range of products can help you with:

  • Asset allocation
  • Investment proposal creation
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance reporting – in batches or ad hoc
  • Composite creation, management and reporting
  • Compliance monitoring with IPS (Investment Policy Statement) tracking

Our products

 We offer a range of solutions for wealth managers, advisors and bank trusts.

  • WealthIQ delivers investment planning and proposal generation
  • ComplianceIQ monitors investment policy statements, making regulatory compliance easier and more efficient
  • CompSiteIQ allows investment and wealth management firms to create, manage and report on investment performance composites
  • PerformanceIQ is a performance measurement and reporting solution

Our unique strengths

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Accuracy assured

We combine our proprietary performance calculation engine with human checkpoints – giving you the most accurate performance data. We also deliver accuracy through data integration, taking the risk of manual error out of the process.
Reliable content | Financial intelligence

Flexible reporting options

Differentiate yourself from your competition: our reporting is sophisticated to the end-recipient, but can be produced on a mass scale or as a one-off, if necessary.
Custom proposals | Financial intelligence

Custom proposals

The WealthIQ investment proposal system is completely customized for each client, making it an ideal fit in any wealth management business.

Recommended products

Some of our top solutions are itemized below. For our full suite, please see Products & services

Placement tracker | Financial Intelligence

Driving real marketing results with integrated offerings.

Key benefits:

  • Strategic advantage
  • Higher revenue generations
  • The benefits of targeted advertising
Zephyr | Financial Intelligence


Make intelligent decisions with the premier solution for analytics, research, and custom reporting.

Key benefits:

  • First-class customer service
  • Robust math API
  • Highly flexible reporting and presentations
PSN | Financial Intelligence

PSN Enterprise

Unlock a universe of investment information, analytics and tools with the largest Separate Account database.

Key benefits:

  • Logic function
  • Presentation designer
  • Hybrids system

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Free analysis

  • PSN Enterprise, Zephyr

    Macro-Economic Forces Bring Commodities to the Forefront

    By Ryan Nauman 11 May 2018

    Macro-Economic Forces Bring Commodities to the Forefront

    Topic Returns Based Style Analysis Manager Analysis

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Be Patient With Bullish Seasonals

    By David Ader 04 May 2018

    I get that despite all the data ahead of NFP, it was inevitable that a nuanced shift in the FOMC statement would garner more attention than was warranted.  I refer to the notion that “Inflation on a 12-month basis is expected to run near the Committee’s symmetric 2 percent objective over the near term.”  The takeaway seems to be that if inflation ran a bit over that, or under for that matter, it wouldn’t compel the Fed to respond with more or less of the projected trajectory of hikes.  In other words, the market’s pricing is about right in the Fed’s view, though if it were to err I continue to think it should be to a third hike in December.  Perhaps Fed rhetoric is keeping some powder dry in light of heightened volatility and eccentricity -- I refer to the markets as much as politics. Read more David Ader's latest musings...

    Topic Industry News

  • IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    China Insight - Finalised New WMP rules more relaxed than expected

    By Tim Cheung and Riki Zhang 02 May 2018

    China Insight: After a multi-month consultation that started in Nov 2017, the Chinese financial regulators on 27 April announced their new rules on the CNY100tn wealth management products (WMPs) industry (see chart 1 and chart 2), effective immediately. The new rules cover most WMPs offered by most financial institutions (FIs), including banks, trusts, brokers and asset managers. Different from the past in which different sectors were regulated by different authorities, the whole industry now is put under the PBOC's supervision. Meanwhile, regulations are structured along the product types, rather than by sectors, with unified standards for each product to reduce regulatory arbitrage. Read more...

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    The 3% Solution?

    By David Ader 27 Apr 2018

    Less than two years ago, July 2016 to be precise, 10-yr Treasuries provided a parsimonious yield of 1.37%.  At the same time, 2s enticed with 58 bp which at the very least was more attractive than the 14 bp you could have gotten in 2011.  I put this out there for context against the brouhaha over 10s hitting 3% -- the first time they done that in over four years, as has been spotlighted by just about every reporter and related headline I’ve seen over the last several days.   Is 3% more important than any other level or the 18-fold rise in 2s? Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates

    LEVERAGE LOANS FEATURE: Q2 Starts with Balancing act

    By Giles Hamblett 26 Apr 2018

    As the pipeline of jumbo buyout deals continue to grow, the first post-Easter will give a decent indication of what kind of a market those deals will be facing. The Easter break came as a welcome respite after a busy Q1 which ended with a number of deals faced increasing headwinds. One source candidly admitted that several pre-Easter deals had been difficult to get away, though that being more a factor of tight pricing as much as anything else. 'Some of the deals were tough to get covered at the pricing on offer, however if they had launched 25bp wider they would have been easy,' he said. Read More...

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Fed Speaks, Curve Flattens… not that Complicated

    By David Ader 20 Apr 2018

    I am not sure how complicated analysis over the bond market’s price action in the last couple of weeks needs to be; less, in this case, is more.  The main theme surely is the flattening curve and all that implies.  Behind that has to be ongoing Fedspeak that has only enhanced prospects of three more hikes this year.  Odds for a rate higher than 2.25%, implying three hikes, are still under 50% but have risen from 32%-ish on April 10 to near 44% now. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR

    Q1 2018 Fund Flows Report

    17 Apr 2018

    With the first quarter coming to a close, what are the notable fund flows insights to keep an eye on? Cameron Brandt, Director of Fund Flows Research, discusses economic drivers and where investor sentiment drove flows in Q1 of 2018 as well as what to expect in Q2.

    Topic Global Investment Flows

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Trading Headlines, Adult Swim Versus Kiddie Pool

    By David Ader 13 Apr 2018

    THIS TIME IT REALLY IS DIFFERENT When I started out as a strategist more than 30 years ago, I had the arrogance of youth, a long-term investing horizon and less wealth to worry about. Those three elements worked well back then, but not so much now. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    In the Words of the Great one, “I’ve got a big Mouth”

    By David Ader 06 Apr 2018

    Fans of “The Honeymooners” will fondly recall one of the iconic lines that Ralph Kramden would shout out when he recognized the error of his ways; “I’ve got a BIG mouth.”  Would that we all could own up to such proclivities, which brings to mind the state of the markets and what’s behind it.  There are, of course, many things and it would be unfair to cite a singular source.  Still, in the current environment I think it’s fair to put the mike in front of Donald Trump (or take one away) who just in November said, “The reason our stock market is so successful is because of me. I’ve always been great with money, I’ve always been great with jobs, that’s what I do. And I’ve done it well, I’ve done it really well, much better than people understand and they understand I’ve done well.” Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • PSN Enterprise, Zephyr

    Did Active Managers Capitalize on the Spike in Volatility During February?

    By Ryan Nauman 15 Mar 2018

    Did Active Managers Capitalize on the Spike in Volatility During February?

    Topic Returns Based Style Analysis Manager Analysis

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Sniffing out the Next Recession

    By David Ader 09 Mar 2018

    I was trying to fit in something about stormy days for trade (not the least being the January deficit), Productivity (which was 0% in Q4), Home Sales (a weak spring says the NAR, WSJ Rising Rates Pose Test for Housing Market), the broad declines in the Citi Economic Surprise indices, and all those departures from the Trump Administration, but figured that would be too cheap a shot. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Is There Anyone Left Who Likes Bonds?

    By David Ader 02 Mar 2018

    I don’t know but I heard Powell and I didn’t get much more of a hawkish sense than I had before; Dec Fed Fund futures only rose about 4 bp adding marginally odds of three hikes by the end of the year, and gave all that up by week’s end.  In context, the odds of 2% or more in December are near 68.5%% from just shy of 64% a week earlier.  Frankly, I think that pretty much prices three in for now and I’m not just trying to talk a bullish position. I just don’t see that it was a more determined hawkish lean than the market already had.  I mean, 4 bp… really? Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    “The Bond Market's Doing Our Work For Us”

    By David Ader 23 Feb 2018

    I must admit I was surprised by the market’s reaction to the Fed Minutes and I was not alone (oh god, please don’t tell me he’s going to talk about Fed Fund futures!).   Indeed, Fed Fund futures in the moments after the release and into the aftermath as stocks reversed and bonds sold off did essentially nothing.  Of all things out there, surely Fed Fund futures would respond if the Minutes were somehow an alert to a more hawkish trajectory.  That they didn’t is, I think, is the crux of the matter; why everything else sold off is another story about which I can only speculate, especially the belly to 30s steepening.  There I’ll put it up to positions, but that’s cheap. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

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