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The Context 11.04.19

Inside this week’s edition of The Context, Financial Intelligence thought leaders discuss:

The AUD Week - Bias is Bullish
The RBA decision takes centre stage this week, and the Bank is widely forecast to keep rates steady at 0.75%, with a mere 6% chance of a cut currently priced.

Evidence of Damage Wrought. Little Central Bankers Can Do
South Korean exports continue to plummet (-14.7% y/y in October) indicative of the slowdown in both global trade and in turn economic growth. That the US isn’t insulated from these dynamics was made clear by the Fed chief after the October FOMC. Still, domestic demand continues to bound along at a healthy pace in the US and remains supportive in other jurisdictions…

Pinera Gives More Ground to Chilean Protesters, But is CLP Ripe For Bulls?
There have been over ten days of riots, protests and strikes in Chile, and after adopting a number of stances (from tough to conciliatory) and failing to quell the unrest with a raft of proposed policy changes, President Pinera has given in to demands and fired eight ministers, including the interior, finance and economy ministers.

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The Context 11.04.19

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