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Financial Industry Peer Analysis and Bank Benchmarking

We provide mortgage pricing and analytics, mortgage pricing comparisons, average mortgage rates, and home equity rates for you to see where you really stand amongst your competition and get a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses to position your products effectively.

Our ultra-detailed financial pricing data research gives you the information advantage over your competitors, empowering you to make precision product pricing comparisons – and most importantly profitable product pricing decisions.

Peer Analysis and Industry Benchmarking for  Mortgage and Home Equity Clients

Why wait months for market data to trickle in before understanding your relative performance? Quality benchmarking data indicative of the market is available to you through LendersBenchmark turnkey analytics platform and data consortium which delivers actionable insights while there is still time to impact performance.

Lender Performance
Gauge your relative performance to peers and identify product, risk, and geographic segments driving overall share changes. Is a 5% increase in my lock volume this week on par with my peers?
    Market Opportunity
Quickly identify areas of underperformance and segments that are growing but are not currently being targeted. Fully understand opportunity across product, risk, and geographic segments. Which segments are growing and how much opportunity is available? 

Pricing Competitiveness

Truly understand your competitive position in regards
to pricing with statistical analysis across product, risk, and geographic segments by benchmarking rate sheet pricing and transactional rates. Did my 25 bps purchase special really improve my competitive position and did it provide lift?
    Operational Execution
Full lifecycle visibility enables pull through and cycle time benchmarking to help identify relative strengths and weaknesses impacting overall performance. My cycle times have climbed 7 days over the past quarter. Is that better or worse than my competitors? Am I losing business because of it?

We provide the data however you want to consume it:

Highly Interactive Analytical Tools and Visualizations
Speed to insight is critical. Our advanced analytical tools and intuitive visualizations of data help to more quickly get to the "so whats" that are essential for understanding markets and competitive performance to support timely decision making. The highly interactive nature of our analytics facilitates quicker ad hoc analysis enabling you to focus on strategy and actions rather than consuming resources on data management, processing and report building.

Transactional Data Feeds
Data files containing all market transactions for the prior week are available for download to populate your data warehouse to support custom reporting and models comprised of both market and internal data.

Executive PDF Reports
A comprehensive look at your performance across all core metrics and segments is automatically generated and distributed in an executive level format within days of the prior week.

For 20 years we have delivered innovative, strategic insights specific to competitive performance and market trends to help you gain a competitive edge and run your business most effectively.