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Comprehensive performance analysis software

Zephyr | Data analysis and tools | Financial intelligence

From manager and peer group analysis to customized and professional reporting, Zephyr gives you the tools to succeed with your portfolios and your clients.

How Zephyr can help

With Zephyr, investment managers can make tactical asset allocation decisions and deliver clear and concise analysis that better positions their products to clients. Anyone overseeing managers and consultants can perform due diligence with ease.

  • Manager research – screen thousands of investment products with powerful sorting, filtering and statistical tools.
  • Manager analysis – track and compare multiple investment products and run Returns Based Style Analysis using 200+ key statistics.
  • Asset allocation – build portfolios using classic mean variance optimization or our sophisticated Black-Litterman optimization module.
  • Modelling – estimate the probability of meeting future wealth goals using the Monte Carlo simulation module.
  • Client reporting – streamline the reporting process to speed up asset acquisition.
  • The Zephyr Analytics API improves user experience and coverage for your internal and external applications. The API is sourced from industry-leading analysis and reporting application Zephyr StyleADVISOR and robust separate account research application PSN Enterprise.


What's included

Gold standard service

First-class customer service

To get more from Zephyr or solve any problems, you can directly access a live Customer Support Representative. Training videos and classes are always available.

Unparalleled medtech market

Robust math API

The Zephyr Analytics API combines 200+ statistics of MPT and post MPT in your searches and analysis, as well as unique proprietary statistics. We’re always actively exploring new statistical tools.

Complete and rate and fee information

Highly flexible reporting

It’s easy to create the report you need, instantly, and to change and update it on the fly. Customizing pages and reports is as easy as drag and drop. Add design standards, logos, and colors to create a look and feel that is entirely yours.

Data you can trust

Data agnostic

As a data agnostic system, Zephyr can analyze any set of returns.

Financial Intelligence: latest

Free analysis

  • Zephyr, EPFR

    Passive Investments: Far from Perfect

    By Ryan Nauman 17 May 2017

    Over the past few years the investment management paradigm has shifted. An increasing number of retail investors have incorporated passively managed investments in their portfolios. Investment management firms have responded by adding new and exotic passive investments to their product lineups. However, passive investments are not immune to risk, and to some investors, the risk they are most concerned with is downside risk.

    Topic Industry News Risk Asset Allocation Returns Based Style Analysis

  • Zephyr

    New to Zephyr OnDEMAND? Learn how to generate reports.

    By Jeremy Poulin, Senior Client Consultant 02 May 2017

    This blog post is the first of three dedicated to helping new users of Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD) get started with using the platform. This post will go over how to generate a report on ZOD.

    Topic Returns Based Style Analysis

  • Zephyr

    New to Zephyr OnDEMAND? The Analytics Center.

    By Jeremy Poulin, Senior Client Consultant 02 May 2017

    This blog post is the final of three dedicated to helping new users of Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD) get started with using the platform. This post will go over how to use the Analytics Center.

    Topic Manager Analysis

  • PSN Enterprise, Zephyr

    Inflation - Risks and Opportunities

    By Ryan Nauman 21 Apr 2017

    The consensus among economists is that inflation will increase to north of two percent in 2017, which would mark the first time since prior to the Credit Crisis that we’ve experienced consecutive years of inflation above two percent. We examine how financial professionals can use different asset classes to help position client portfolios to guard against inflation as well as contribute to total returns. We also list some of the top performing strategies from the PSN Global Manager Neighborhood database for each asset class during years of inflation over two percent.

    Topic Industry News US Presidential Election Risk Changing Rate Environment

  • Zephyr

    New to Zephyr OnDEMAND? Learn how to create blends.

    By Jeremy Poulin, Senior Client Consultant 27 Mar 2017

    This blog post is the second of three dedicated to helping new users of Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD) get started with using the platform.  Learn how to create blends from this blog post. 

  • EPFR, Zephyr, IGM FX and Rates, IGM Credit, iMoneyNet

    Bond guy looks at stocks

    By David Ader 03 Feb 2017

    I am first, foremost and solely a US Interest Rate Strategist (call me I-rate for short) so it is with no shortage of anxiety that I dare delve into the equity market. That said, I do look at the evidence and there are things out there that make me wary of equity valuations which, all things being equal, should serve as a brake of sorts on a sharp rise in bond yields.

  • Zephyr

    Alternatives and Roles they play in Asset Allocation

    By Ryan Nauman 05 Jan 2017

    In the aftermath of the Credit Crisis, diversification has come under the microscope. Portfolios that were traditionally considered diversified could not withstand the global reach of the crisis and protections failed when they were needed most.

    Topic Asset Allocation

  • Zephyr

    The Markets in 2016, and What's Ahead in the New Year

    By Ryan Nauman 28 Dec 2016

    Read the 2016 market in review and insights on market trends for 2017.

    Topic Industry News

  • Zephyr

    Q2 2016 Fixed Income Quarterly

    By Ryan Nauman 08 Dec 2016

    New issuances in the investment grade corporate credit market showed no signs of slowing during the second quarter of 2016.  With assistance from our colleague Drew Jamner, Credit Analyst of Informa Global Markets (IGM), we take a look back at the second quarter of 2016 within the investment grade corporate credit capital market space.

    Topic Industry News

  • Zephyr

    Money Market Reform

    By Ryan Nauman 15 Nov 2016

    Money-market funds will be required to increase the transparency of fund operations and risks. Funds will need to disclose their levels of daily and weekly liquid assets on their websites on a weekly basis in addition to net inflows/outflows, NAVs, fees, and sponsor support. Money market funds will also be required to report portfolio holdings within five business days after month-end and improve private liquidity fund reporting.

    Topic Industry News

  • Zephyr

    How to create an equally weighted composite inside of Zephyr StyleADVISOR

    By Jeremy Poulin 18 Oct 2016

    Learn how to create an equally weighted composite inside of Zephyr StyleADVISOR.  An equally weighted composite allows you to take a large group of managers and create a single return stream that can be used in any analysis.  

  • Zephyr, PSN Enterprise

    Brexit Revisited

    By Ryan Nauman 19 Sep 2016

    The much anticipated Brexit referendum is now in our rear view mirror, but the uncertainty is far from over as Britons voted to leave the EU and will be led by a new Prime Minister during this unprecedented time.

    Topic Brexit

  • Zephyr, PSN Enterprise

    Presidential Parties and the Stock Market

    By Ryan Nauman 12 Sep 2016

    Democratic or Republican party, which has the better impact on the market?

    Topic US Presidential Election

  • Zephyr

    A Closer Examination of Drawdown Risk

    By Ryan Nauman 18 Aug 2016

    In conjuction with this article on the Drawdown Risk statistic, we have added a new downside risk template to Zephyr StyleADVSIOR's template library.  

    Topic Risk

  • Zephyr

    Q1 2016 - Top Guns US Equity Markets make a U-Turn

    By Ryan Nauman 28 Jun 2016

    U.S. equity markets make a U-turn. Read this quarter's PSN Top Guns market commentary.

    Topic Industry News

Meet the team


Ryan Nauman

Analyst, VP, Product and Market Strategist


Ryan Nauman

Ryan specializes in

  • Investment Analysis

+17 year(s) experience


Ryan Nauman

Analyst, VP, Product and Market Strategist


Ryan Nauman

Ryan specializes in

  • Investment Analysis

+17 year(s) experience

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