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About Tom


+7 year(s) experience

Tom Erasmus, Senior Analyst, Headshot
As Senior Analyst, Tom leads the production of Mapa Dashboards & bespoke consulting projects.
Tom began working at a now successful start-up after obtaining his master’s in Business and Marketing from Bangor University, during this time he developed his taste for assessing consumer attitudes and habits.

This interest grew during his three-year role working across many fintech focussed projects in the financial research sector, exploring how fintechs from around the world were identifying opportunities in their consumers’ profiles to use technology to encourage better financial habits and extract more value.

Tom joined the Mapa Research team to further explore his passion in technology aided teaching of better financial habits to the general consumer, by working directly in the digital banking landscape that has never been more suited to technology adoption.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Tom

  • Digital Banking Hub, Mapa Research

    Prospects for progress in unsecured lending applications

    By Tom Erasmus 06 Aug 2021

    Digital Banking Hub

    Unsecured personal loan applications lack the sophisticated digital verification tools seen in other product lines The unsecured lending market generally sees low levels of pull-through rates from applications to booked loans. Among issues, the verification step of the journey can be a particular pain point for applicants, causing delays or pushing the process offline. While the digital lending market is growing, online verification processes among lenders remains somewhat underdeveloped. Some notable efforts by fintech lenders to make the process more streamlined and secure are yet to be replicated in the journeys of most traditional lenders...

    Topic Industry News Digital Banking

  • Digital Banking Research

    Servicing unsecured loans: doing more on digital

    By Tom Erasmus 01 Apr 2021


    Servicing unsecured loans: doing more on digital As with so many other financial services journeys, the process of managing a personal loan has been revolutionised in recent years by harnessing digital channels. As consumers have become used to more frictionless digital experiences in retail, media, and entertainment, their expectations for financial services have also changed. This trend has been further embedded as a result of the pandemic, which has forced both lenders and borrowers into digital channels. Findings from FBX’s Q1 2021 Unsecured Lending tracking show a range of approaches in enabling customers to service their loans digitally. The platforms of fintech lenders have several advantages over those of traditional lenders including a broader scope of loan management tools alongside more efficient processes...

    Topic Industry News Digital Banking

  • Mapa Research

    Have digital investment challengers lost momentum

    By Tom Erasmus 30 May 2019

    Have digital investment challengers lost momentum?

    In 2016 the market saw a wave of new digital wealth management platforms enter the market, 3 years later, many of their unique features have been adopted into traditional provider platforms, so have these challengers lost momentum? This article by Tom Erasmus discusses whether established providers have caught up with the challengers and what the future of the market may look like. Article: 3min read

    Topic Industry News Fintech RoboAdvisers Digital Banking