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About Anne


+4 year(s) experience

Anne O’Leary, Research Analyst at Informa Financial Intelligence, helps banks navigate the Open Banking landscape, analyzing the latest product and service trends incorporating aggregation into digital platforms. She also specializes in mobile banking technology.

Anne oversees the production of two quarterly subscription publications, the Open Banking Tracker and the Mobile Monitor, which feature industry trends, current market analysis and expert recommendations for clients. She analyzes industry data and generates presentations for specific client inquiries, with much of her focus on demonstrating the need to adopt Open Banking apps and websites to remain competitive.

Driven by a passion for research, Anne explored the healing and gentrifying effects of urban agriculture on grassroots communities in her undergraduate dissertation as a geography major. She now applies that background to financial services, where she sees parallels with customers’ uneven access to financial education.

Outside work, she tends to her community garden where she grows vegetables and when possible, enjoys travelling and hiking.


  •  B.A., Geography; University of Leeds

“Finance can feel like an elusive concept to many. But Open Banking has the potential to democratize the landscape by extending more opportunities to more people. We want to help banks inspire customers to take action and maximize use of their money.”

Analyst Articles

Articles by Anne

  • Digital Banking Hub

    Banks tool up to build trust

    By Anne O'Leary 04 Aug 2021

    Banks tool up to build trust

    Fraudulent activity and scams continue to rise leading banks need to build trust and confidence in their digital offerings As digital banking continues to grow so too does the range and sophistication of fraudulent activity and the threat of scams, meaning banks must ensure customers feel especially secure while undertaking any financial operation...

    Topic Industry News Digital Banking

  • Digital Banking Hub, Digital Banking Research

    The 3 Digital Banking Chat solutions that will remain essential post-pandemic

    By Anne O'Leary 04 May 2021


    This blog covers the different types of chatbots and live chat solutions that will continue to play a vital part in future digital banking journeys.

    Topic Digital Banking

  • Digital Banking Hub, Digital Banking Research

    How Open Banking is transforming the global payment landscape

    By Anne O'Leary 08 Mar 2021


    How Open Banking is transforming the global payment landscape New Payment Initiation Services (PIS) are driving third-party integrations, with Open Banking technologies and evolving compliance regulations such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), the global payment landscape is transforming. In this blog, our FBX Research Analyst explores the latest payment innovations driven by Open Banking, using real examples from financial service providers like Barclays, and non-financial service providers such as ASOS...

    Topic Industry News Digital Banking

  • Mapa Research

    Open Banking: Three shortcuts to success for Australian banks, from the UK

    By Anne O'Leary 01 Dec 2018

    Open Banking: Three shortcuts to success for Australian banks, from the UK

    Currently, mobile banking in Australia among the incumbents is ahead of many other regions. Each of the four major banks, ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group), CBA (Commonwealth Bank), NAB (National Australia Bank) and WBC (Westpac), provide userfriendly experiences. Challengers are already making traction in Australia, in May 2018 the APA granted the first restricted banking license to neobank Volt, fintech Xinja will likely follow. This competition from challengers will only intensify with the introduction of Open Banking in Australia next year. Read more...

    Topic Industry News