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Retail banks | Who we help | Financial intelligence

Retail banking is a highly competitive space. As a decision maker in this market, you need to really understand the competition and the products they offer in order to make the best business decisions.

Understand what happens on the branch front line:

  • Evaluate sales and service
  • Test regulatory compliance behaviors
  • Verify employee behavior and training

Understand your customers:

  • Learn how consumers engage with you
  • Understand the power behind your brand
  • Get insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty, and flight risk
  • Gain awareness around your institution’s ability to generate new business

Understand your market:

  • Understand how you compare to competitors in your various markets
  • Identify your competitive advantages and risks
  • Get insight into competitive deposit and lending products, and product rates and fees

Our unique strengths

Premium provider | Financial intelligence

Premier provider

We offer competitive product rate and fee intelligence, satisfaction and loyalty surveys, sales and service evaluations, regulatory compliance testing and lead generation services to the financial industry.
Employee and customer insight | Financial intelligence

Employee and customer insight

Gain a better understanding of your employees’ behavior, as well as consumer loyalty, flight risk, likeliness to recommend and the power of your brand.
Flexible reporting options | Financial intelligence

Regulatory monitoring

We’ll help you understand and mitigate risky employee behaviors related to regulatory areas such as fair lending, fair treatment, and UDAAP (unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices).
Profitable product pricing | Financial intelligence

Profitable product pricing

Our in-depth competitor research enables you to better price your products.
Expert analysis | Financial intelligence

Expert analysis

Our expert consultants help you understand market trends, assess strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to improve.

Recommended products

Some of our top solutions are itemized below. For our full suite, please see Products & services

eBenchmarkers | Financial Intelligence


Track your performance against competitors, understand market trends and identify new opportunities.

Key benefits:

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Tailored analysis
  • On-site presentations
SEA score | Financial Intelligence

SEA Score

Get a real understanding of client engagement and its effect on your organization.

Key benefits:

  • Deeper insights
  • Strategic advantage
  • Online dashboard and reporting
iMoneynet | Data analysis and tools | Financial intelligence


The leading provider of money market mutual fund and enhanced cash data serving clients worldwide.

Key benefits:

  • Data you can trust
  • Timely delivery
  • Report generating

Financial Intelligence: latest

Free analysis

  • Mapa Research

    Educating and Supporting Credit Card Users

    By Mapa Research 05 Dec 2017

    Supporting and educating credit card users has become an all-important task. Why? In the UK, the Bank of England revealed that from April 2016 – April 2017, consumer credit (which credit cards fall into) had increased by 10.3%. At the same time, the Federal Reserve announced that credit card debts in the US are at $1.027 trillion, the highest since 2008. Whilst consumers are taking on more debt, incomes have largely remained the same. For this reason, it has become even more important that financial providers are doing their part to ensure that consumers are not creating unnecessary debt. Over the past two quarters, Mapa’s Credit Card Monitor has seen the digital support offered to credit card holders, both in the UK and the US, increase in a number of ways. Download the full report to find out more.

    Topic Industry News

  • Mapa Research

    PFM tools in mobile banking

    By Mapa Research 05 Dec 2017

    Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools help customers better understand their financial health, what they are spending money on, and trends around their incoming and outgoing cash. Often these tools let customers put money to one side, to help them reach financial goals. Banking providers who prioritize PFM focus on helping customers understand and control their financial situation. While we know that challengers are putting PFM at the heart of their offerings, continually improving the analytics and categorization supplied, incumbent banks have been slower to bring even basic PFM tools to the forefront of their mobile or desktop banking platforms. Download the full report to find out more.

    Topic Industry News

  • Competitive Product Research, Informagic

    Loan Rate Monitor - November 2017

    15 Nov 2017

    As we head into mid-November we see fixed mortgage rates have been on the decline. We see the 30-year conforming dropping 0.059 to 3.982 and the 30-year jumbo dropping 0.052 to 3.864. On the other hand, we see both the 5/1 ARM conforming and jumbo have increased, with the 5/1 ARM increasing 0.014 to 3.966 and 5/1 ARM jumbo with a minimal increase of 0.005 to 3.861.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Could Trump Create Mini Economic Recovery That Results in Major Crash in Stock, Bonds & Real Estate?

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 26 Oct 2017

    Some of the smartest people I know believe it is 50% - 50% odds now that this year we will get some sort of tax deal lowering corporate taxes. The odds are lower for anything more. For the record, I still personally doubt that Donald Trump can get anything done requiring legislative action. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Markets Will Crash Between Now & When Central Banks Stop Printing

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 19 Oct 2017

    Key Question: Can Central Banks Sep Back in to Save Markets? I have been mostly bullish on the US stock market ever since realizing in October 2009 that the US Federal Reserve and other Central Banks’ money printing had eliminated the market downside.  What should be taught in Stock Market 101, particularly to those seeking to be Chartered Financial Analysts, is that all there is in the stock market are shares of stock.  Money flows in and out of the checking accounts of investors and stock market intermediaries. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • Competitive Product Research, Informagic

    Loan Rate Monitor - September 2017

    15 Oct 2017

    As we head into mid-October, we are finding that there has been an overall slight increase in rates. September proved to show the volatility in the market starting with a steady decline and ultimately turned into a continued upward swing of rates.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Trump is Scaring Corporate America

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 10 Oct 2017

    Float Shrink Plunging, CapEx Dropping Yet Free Cash Growing 13.3% Informa TrimTabs Weekly Liquidity Review just reported that Q3 net new corporate buying was the lowest in five years since Q3 2012 (see graph below).  Net corporate buying consists of new buyback announcements plus cash takeovers of already public companies minus all new share sales; including IPO’s secondaries as well as insider selling. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Keynesians Driving the Global Economy to Ruin: $1 of Government Spending is not = $1 of After Tax Income

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 06 Oct 2017

    Followers of John Maynard Keynes tend to believe that $1 of government spending is just as good as $1 of after tax income, if not better. The key message of Keynesian economics is when the rate of growth of after tax profits of both industry and individuals declines, then increased government spending is supposed to not only provide a bridge but enhance an overall business recovery. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Individuals and Public Companies Acting Bearish - Bullish Spike in Stock Prices Ahead?

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 29 Sep 2017

    Individuals and Public Companies Acting Bearish - Bullish Spike in Stock Prices Ahead? US stock prices are up more than 6% since the end of March.  However, you would not know that if you simply followed flows in and out of US equity mutual and exchange traded funds. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Why Corporate Tax is the Worst Tax of All

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 21 Sep 2017

    No Corporate Taxes Could Increase All Collected Income Taxes. Imagine the US having 0% corporate income taxes. First obvious impact would be to dramatically increase business profits and return on equity. US companies would have an obvious cost advantage over every country with a corporate income tax. What better initial and long-term boost to US productivity and competitiveness could there be than eliminating corporate taxes? Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • Competitive Product Research, Informagic

    Loan Rate Monitor - August 2017

    15 Sep 2017

    As we head into mid-September, we are finding that there has been an overall decrease in mortgage rates. August showed a steady decline, including some record lows for the 2017 year.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Trump’s Negative Impact on Economy Increasingly Obvious

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 13 Sep 2017

    There is no question that US stock and bond markets have each been going up in price ever since Donald Trump was elected President. However, underlying the appreciation of stocks and bonds are more and more warning signs that all is not well for the longer term – all due to a growing awareness of the ineffectiveness of the Trump administration. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    September Monthly Interest Rate Outlook

    By Marcus Dewsnap 01 Sep 2017

    Monetary policy remains ultra-accommodative in historical terms. The global central bank balance sheet has continuously expanded for around 10-years. Yet the Fed is ready to begin tapering reinvestment which brings to attention liquidity withdrawal. Read more from Informa Global Markets by clicking the button below.

    Topic Changing Rate Environment Global Investment Flows Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Income Growth Stops When Government Debt Surges

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 31 Aug 2017

    Rapid economic growth is just around the corner, say Central Bankers, Wall Street economists and global investors. However, all that has been growing in the US and the rest of the developed world is government debt. What has not been growing is average and median household income - no matter what monetary strategies central banks create. Read more from Charles Biderman.

    Topic Changing Rate Environment

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