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Insight from your peers

Insurance companies | Who we help | Financial intelligence

In the insurance industry, peer data is hard to come by – especially the kind of detailed, accurate and highly targeted performance data we provide.

eBenchmarkers is an unmatched source of insurance Industry benchmarks and performance improvement research. We help you understand market trends, assess strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to improve.

  • Gain insight into your market and competitors
  • Understand your customer experience
  • Analyse your market share and channel strategy
  • Study your process experiences and compare to your competition
  • Better understand channel productivity


How it works
Financial Intelligence’s eBenchmarkers builds peer groups of competing brands that share performance data.

Our exclusive reports and workshops illustrate performance relative to the peer group while ensuring that data remains anonymous.

Since 2001, eBenchmarkers has provided benchmark research on thousands of metrics across a wide range of products and channels. We typically achieve around 90% market coverage, making our data and insight the most definitive and comprehensive available.

Our unique strengths

Data from your peers | Financial intelligence

Data from your peers

Our system of anonymous shared performance data provides detailed, accurate and highly targeted peer comparison you can’t find anywhere else.
Expert analysis | Financial intelligence

Expert analysis

Our expert consultants help you understand market trends, assess strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to improve.
A choice of solutions to help you stay ahead | Financial intelligence

Tailored services

Because we work for a huge variety of clients, from global brands to niche specialists, we know how to tailor our service to your business and your priorities.
Primary bond market coverage | Financial intelligence

Comprehensive market coverage

We typically achieve around 90% market coverage, making our data and insight the most definitive and comprehensive available.
Best practice insight | Financial intelligence

Best practice insight

The peer data we collect illustrates best practice and identifies actionable opportunities to improve performance.

Recommended products

Some of our top solutions are itemized below. For our full suite, please see Products & services

eBenchmarkers | Financial Intelligence


Track your performance against competitors, understand market trends and identify new opportunities.

Key benefits:

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Tailored analysis
  • On-site presentations
IRS market research | Financial Intelligence

IRS Market Research

Capture the customer experience and see what your competitors are doing with our research services.

Key benefits:

  • Custom programs
  • Mystery shop program
  • Surveys
PSN | Financial Intelligence

PSN Enterprise

Unlock a universe of investment information, analytics and tools with the largest Separate Account database.

Key benefits:

  • Logic function
  • Presentation designer
  • Hybrids system

Financial Intelligence: latest

Free analysis

  • iMoneyNet

    Taxable MMFs Enjoy 50-Basis Point Edge

    By Mike Krasner 24 Aug 2017

    Average seven-day yields for Taxable MMFs have grown their yield advantage over popular bank savings products since the last time we peered at this issue in early January (See Money Fund Report #2143).

    Topic Asset Allocation

  • iMoneyNet

    Liquidity Investors Consider Strategies for Short-Term Cash

    By Paul Adams, iMoneyNet Editor 18 Aug 2017

    The results of recent surveys of institutional investors suggest that a range of issues may be inclining institutional investors to consider alternative investments in addition to money-market funds for the management of their short-term cash.

    Topic Asset Allocation

  • iMoneyNet

    Floating-NAV Primes Buck an Industry Trend

    By Mike Krasner, iMoneyNet Managing Editor 09 Aug 2017

    Prime Institutional money-market funds, consistently less likely than other Taxable MMFs to grant fee waivers, are now the most likely funds to offer some breaks to investors when it comes to charged expenses, according to iMoneyNet’s latest Money Fund Expense Report™.

    Topic Asset Allocation

  • IRS Market Research, SEA Score

    In the News: Order in the courtship: How banks can become number one with fickle customers

    By Susan Hines 31 Jul 2017

    News article: The competition for market share in the banking industry is fierce.  As a result, the typical customer gets inundated with an array of offers from a variety of financial institutions - from the traditional retail bank to online lenders, payment providers and mobile-only banks.

    Topic Industry News

  • IRS Market Research, SEA Score

    SEA Score video: Banking has changed... Technology is advancing!

    17 Jul 2017

    SEA Score is a system for understanding client engagement and its effects on your organization. It offers you more detailed information for better decision-making.

  • iMoneyNet

    Money-Fund Rivals Show Quarterly, Yearly Asset Growth

    By Mike Krasner, iMoneyNet Managing Editor 11 Jul 2017

    Our Enhanced Cash Report™ data for the three-month period that ended in March detailed $647.0 billion of combined U.S. and Offshore portfolio assets, when converted to dollars, compared to $606.7 billion in the final 2016 quarter.

    Topic Asset Allocation

  • PSN Enterprise, Zephyr

    Factoring in Factors

    By Ryan Nauman 26 Jun 2017

    Ryan Nauman takes a look at using factor investing, or so-called "smart beta" investment strategies, in client portfolios. 

    Topic Returns Based Style Analysis Manager Analysis

  • IRS Market Research, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates, EPFR, iMo...

    Informa Financial Intelligence Named to Annual AMA Top 50 Market Research Firms Report

    20 Jun 2017

    Each year for the past 10 years, Informa Research Services has appeared in an annual AMA Top 50 Market Research Firms Report listing of the top 50 market research firms in the United States. This year Informa Research Services’ U.S. based market research revenue is combined with the U.S. based market research revenue from EPFR Global, Informa Global Markets, iMoneyNet, Informa Investment Solutions and eBenchmarkers, to be listed as Informa Financial Intelligence at #22 in this annual listing. Read the full article here.

    Topic Industry News

  • PSN Enterprise

    Q1 2017 PSN Top Guns - Markets Display Resiliency

    By Ryan Nauman 05 Jun 2017

    Read the market review for Q1 2017, showing resiliency in U.S. markets through uncertain times. U.S. equity markets continued to hit record highs during the quarter (S&P 500 +6.07%) as investors pin their hopes on reduced taxes and regulation and an increase in infrastructure spending. The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates based on an improved outlook for the economy and inflation, while soft data continues to paint a rosy picture.

    Topic Industry News US Presidential Election Changing Rate Environment

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    The Red Flags You’re Missing Because of Antiquated Customer Satisfaction Data

    By Susan Hines 11 May 2017

    These days, providing exceptional customer service won’t keep customers happy or win you new ones. It sounds strange. The first lesson in Business 101 is that a happy, loyal customer feeds the engine that drives profits and growth. Satisfied customers love your brand, recommend you to friends and family and would never consider switching banks. A high promoter score means you’re making all the right moves to ensure a prosperous future. Wrong.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Why Customer Data Is Nothing Without Strategy

    By Susan Hines 10 May 2017

    Banks are in the data business. They have long had access to more consumer data than almost any other segment of corporate America. The value of that very data can’t be overstated. It means they can create more targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns, develop products and offers specifically tailored to customers’ wants and needs and even develop better ways to determine a customer’s creditworthiness and detect fraud.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Is Your Bank’s Focus on Customer Loyalty Hurting Growth?

    By Susan Hines 09 May 2017

    Is loyalty in customers a good trait or a bad one? It might seem like a silly question. After all, executives and marketing professionals have viewed loyalty as a kind of Holy Grail for consumers.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Customers Are Complex. So Why Is the Data Polling Them Not?

    By Susan Hines 08 May 2017

    Bank customers have changed dramatically over the past decade, as has their relationship with the banks they use. Yet, the way banks study and evaluate these very complex customers hasn’t kept pace. That means the data banks are collecting on customers won’t help them to make decisions on service now or in the future.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Why You Can’t Ask Just One Question to Gauge Customer Loyalty

    By Susan Hines 04 May 2017

    You don’t get the right answers if you’re asking the wrong questions. It’s an even bigger problem when you’re only asking one question.

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