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Corporations and institutions | Who we help | Financial intelligence

If your company or institution is looking to grow your corporate pension, retirement, or endowment assets in a fast-paced market environment, our suite of financial intelligence products will make your job easier.

  • Handle sophisticated performance measurement and investment analysis with Zephyr StyleADVISOR’s 125 industry-accepted statistics and metrics

  • Get comprehensive asset allocation, optimization and portfolio simulation software with our Zephyr AllocationADVISOR

  • EPFR offers the unrivalled breadth and depth of research on global fund flow and asset allocation data.

  • Get the most robust money fund data set available with iMoneyNet

  • Evaluate 2,000 money managers and 20,000 products quickly and efficiently with PSN Enterprise

  • PSN Enterprise Presentation Designer can help you craft custom presentations, making employee investment reporting or board level investment reporting that much easier

Our unique strengths

Highly flexible reporting | Financial intelligence

Robust analysis

It’s hard to get more comprehensive than Zephyr StyleADVISOR’s 125 statistics and metrics. That’s what makes it the go-to system for performance and risk analysis, peer group analysis, style attribution, manager search, asset allocation and custom reporting.
Exceptional analysis | Financial intelligence

Better screening of managers

Our proprietary manager screening tool – PSN Logic – helps you to set criteria and quickly determine which managers deserve to be on your shortlist.
Lenders and brokers | Financial intelligence

Services that scale to you

If you need a comprehensive look at thousands of investment managers and products, you can get it with PSN Enterprise. Or if you want to buy only the exact data you need, you can do that with PSN Data Select.
Easily access return data | Financial intelligence

Easily access return data

View or upload your own custom return streams for all marketable security asset classes, including mutual funds and ETFs, separately managed accounts (SMAs), stocks, annuities, hedge funds and more.
Data integration | Financial intelligence

Make communication easier

Our reporting and presentation tools help you clearly outline your strategies and performance to stakeholders at all levels. It can save you time and also communicate your value to the investment process.
Market leading services | Financial intelligence

Market-leading services

Financial Intelligence leads the way in many areas – our data sets on money funds and global fund flow are second to none, and Zephyr StyleADVISOR is the industry’s most comprehensive performance analysis software.

Recommended products

Some of our top solutions are itemized below. For our full suite, please see Products & services

IRS competitive product research | Financial Intelligence

Competitive Product Research

Get an information advantage over your competitors with accurate, timely and granular pricing data.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate rate and fee data
  • Timely collection
  • Granular pricing data
IRS market research | Financial Intelligence

IRS Market Research

Capture the customer experience and see what your competitors are doing with our research services.

Key benefits:

  • Custom programs
  • Mystery shop program
  • Surveys
PSN | Financial Intelligence

PSN Enterprise

Unlock a universe of investment information, analytics and tools with the largest Separate Account database.

Key benefits:

  • Logic function
  • Presentation designer
  • Hybrids system

Financial Intelligence: latest

Free analysis

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Markets Will Crash Between Now & When Central Banks Stop Printing

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 19 Oct 2017

    Key Question: Can Central Banks Sep Back in to Save Markets? I have been mostly bullish on the US stock market ever since realizing in October 2009 that the US Federal Reserve and other Central Banks’ money printing had eliminated the market downside.  What should be taught in Stock Market 101, particularly to those seeking to be Chartered Financial Analysts, is that all there is in the stock market are shares of stock.  Money flows in and out of the checking accounts of investors and stock market intermediaries. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Some Counter Logic with Bonds and Deficit

    By David Ader 13 Oct 2017

    It wasn’t exactly a slow news week, but still the New York Times had the temerity to take away space from any number of its Harvey Weinstein updates to tell us, way back on the 4th page of the business, that “Fed Still Puzzled by Inflation, but Rate Increase Is on Track.”  This has been the story for a year at least and the question of why inflation is low continues to give way to the Fed’s confidence in its models that it will eventually rise.   I get they want to hike, I guess everyone does.  Why they want to hike is another story though centered essentially on the Phillips curve which is rather a faulty, but persistent, argument. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Trump is Scaring Corporate America

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 10 Oct 2017

    Float Shrink Plunging, CapEx Dropping Yet Free Cash Growing 13.3% Informa TrimTabs Weekly Liquidity Review just reported that Q3 net new corporate buying was the lowest in five years since Q3 2012 (see graph below).  Net corporate buying consists of new buyback announcements plus cash takeovers of already public companies minus all new share sales; including IPO’s secondaries as well as insider selling. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Why This Hiking Cycle Might be Different

    By David Ader 06 Oct 2017

    When do we stop listening to Yellen?  This is, of course, a reference to the impending potential change in her career.  Bear in mind we will likely be listening to her even if she’s out of the Fed – brains, insight and experience do count for something – but her relevance will, like other ex-Fed officials, tend to diminish with time. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Keynesians Driving the Global Economy to Ruin: $1 of Government Spending is not = $1 of After Tax Income

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 06 Oct 2017

    Followers of John Maynard Keynes tend to believe that $1 of government spending is just as good as $1 of after tax income, if not better. The key message of Keynesian economics is when the rate of growth of after tax profits of both industry and individuals declines, then increased government spending is supposed to not only provide a bridge but enhance an overall business recovery. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Individuals and Public Companies Acting Bearish - Bullish Spike in Stock Prices Ahead?

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 29 Sep 2017

    Individuals and Public Companies Acting Bearish - Bullish Spike in Stock Prices Ahead? US stock prices are up more than 6% since the end of March.  However, you would not know that if you simply followed flows in and out of US equity mutual and exchange traded funds. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Tax Plan will Boost Deficit, but the Main Game for now

    By David Ader 29 Sep 2017

    THE stories behind the sharp rise in yields over the last two weeks come from the two so obvious areas it’s hard to try and nuance the price action to anything else. There was the FOMC, of course, largely seen as more hawkish (I’d say stubbornly hawkish) in its gentle bias, and the Administration’s rapid move to push for tax reform. The former hit the front end and flattened the curve; the latter hit further out the curve and steepened it back up. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Why Corporate Tax is the Worst Tax of All

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 21 Sep 2017

    No Corporate Taxes Could Increase All Collected Income Taxes. Imagine the US having 0% corporate income taxes. First obvious impact would be to dramatically increase business profits and return on equity. US companies would have an obvious cost advantage over every country with a corporate income tax. What better initial and long-term boost to US productivity and competitiveness could there be than eliminating corporate taxes? Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • Competitive Product Research, Informagic

    Loan Rate Monitor - August 2017

    15 Sep 2017

    As we head into mid-September, we are finding that there has been an overall decrease in mortgage rates. August showed a steady decline, including some record lows for the 2017 year.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Trump’s Negative Impact on Economy Increasingly Obvious

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 13 Sep 2017

    There is no question that US stock and bond markets have each been going up in price ever since Donald Trump was elected President. However, underlying the appreciation of stocks and bonds are more and more warning signs that all is not well for the longer term – all due to a growing awareness of the ineffectiveness of the Trump administration. Read more from Charles Biderman.

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Range Changed, but Don’t see Much More Rally

    By David Ader 08 Sep 2017

    It is a rare event indeed to see a front page of the WSJ start with a headline; “Array of Threats Stirs Up Markets” – and then write what’s effectively a Credit Markets column telling you what’s up with interest rates. It’s a fine story, make no mistake, but focuses one’s attention on the recent and still more immediate story which basically captures what’s motivating moves in Treasury yields. To wit, we have 1) Hurricane Irma, on the heels of 2) Hurricane Harvey, 3) ongoing to expanding tensions with North Korea, 4) dovish Fed comments from Fed doves, 5) the steady litany of low inflation figures, and concludes with structural element such as, 6) ‘potentially intractable forces, such as globalization and technological advances’ and global debt levels and the aging population. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    September Monthly Interest Rate Outlook

    By Marcus Dewsnap 01 Sep 2017

    Monetary policy remains ultra-accommodative in historical terms. The global central bank balance sheet has continuously expanded for around 10-years. Yet the Fed is ready to begin tapering reinvestment which brings to attention liquidity withdrawal. Read more from Informa Global Markets by clicking the button below.

    Topic Changing Rate Environment Global Investment Flows Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,

    Data Balance Tips Scales a Tad to Bulls

    By David Ader 01 Sep 2017

    In the week just passed, the Treasury market eked out some further gains largely on the back of non-economic events like North Korea’s missile across Japan and the floods in Texas where some estimates of damage exceed $100 bn to as much as $190 bn (AccuWeather). The economic impact, of course, remains an unknown but that it will initially be a drag on GDP is understood. Katrina cost $160 bn. The very tame NFP report came after the fact but does enhance a bullish perspective. Job gains were weaker-than-expected at 156K overall, 41k worth of downward revisions, an uptick in UNR and remarkably tame 0.1% rise in average hourly earnings. Ouch. Read more from David Ader's latest musings.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR, IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates,, Co...

    Income Growth Stops When Government Debt Surges

    By Charles Biderman, Informa, TrimTabs 31 Aug 2017

    Rapid economic growth is just around the corner, say Central Bankers, Wall Street economists and global investors. However, all that has been growing in the US and the rest of the developed world is government debt. What has not been growing is average and median household income - no matter what monetary strategies central banks create. Read more from Charles Biderman.

    Topic Changing Rate Environment

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