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Performance statistics

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What stats measure
Here’s how it works: despite a seemingly overwhelming number of metrics, virtually every statistic falls into one of three categories:Return: the higher the better

  • Risk: the lower the better
  • Return vs. risk trade-off: the higher the better


Defining risk?
Risk can be broken into four broad categories of measurement:

  • Volatility: volatility risk measures how uncertain or unpredictable an investment’s returns are.
  • Benchmark-Relative: benchmark-relative risk measures performance of managers against an appropriate passive index.
  • Capital preservation: also known as drawdown risk, capital preservation risk is simply the risk of losing money in an investment.
  • Tail: sometimes called “black swan” risk, tail risk is defined as low probability, high impact events.


As a part of the StatFACTS series, Informa also offers the StatMAP. The StatMAP provides a way to visualize each statistic in terms of metric versus risk type. Click on any StatFACT title in the grid for more information.

Volatility Benchmark Capital Preservation  Tail 
Trade Off


What's included

Unparalleled medtech market

Robust math API

The Zephyr Analytics API combines 200+ statistics of MPT and post MPT in your searches and analysis, as well as unique proprietary statistics. We’re always actively exploring new statistical tools.

Complete and rate and fee information

Highly flexible reporting

It’s easy to create the report you need, instantly, and to change and update it on the fly. Customizing pages and reports is as easy as drag and drop. Add design standards, logos, and colors to create a look and feel that is entirely yours.

Data you can trust

Data agnostic

As a data agnostic system, Zephyr can analyze any set of returns.

Gold standard service

First-class customer service

To get more from Zephyr or solve any problems, you can directly access a live Customer Support Representative. Training videos and classes are always available.


Some of our top solutions are itemized below. For our full suite, please see Products & services

Zephyr | Financial Intelligence


Make intelligent decisions with the premier solution for analytics, research, and custom reporting.

Key benefits:

  • First-class customer service
  • Robust math API
  • Highly flexible reporting
PSN | Financial Intelligence

PSN Enterprise

Unlock a universe of investment information, analytics and tools with the largest Separate Account database.

Key benefits:

  • Logic function
  • Presentation designer
  • Hybrids system
Profile producer | Financial Intelligence

Profile Producer

Take the hassle out of managing, producing and delivering fact sheets with this web-based solution.

Key benefits:

  • Branded templates
  • Customized workflow
  • Web-based solution