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Ryan Nauman's Weekly Recap 09.10.18

Despite a strong U.S. economy, solid corporate earnings, historically tight labor market, a confident consumer, a relatively accommodative monetary policy, fiscal stimulus, mild inflation, oh, and a historic bull market that has returned nearly 10% YTD as of August 31 (S&P 500), investors have turned up the defense. As you can see in the above “chart of the week”, investors have turned to defensive sectors since the beginning of July, even though economic conditions point to an environment that is good for equity markets. Health care, consumer goods, real estate, and utilities sectors, which are all traditionally viewed as defensive plays, have attracted inflows. On the fixed income side, investors have preferred short-term bonds rather than intermediate and long-term bonds. Regionally, investors continue to turn their backs on emerging market equities and have gone with the more conservative U.S. equity play. Read more from Ryan Nauman's weekly recap and subscribe to have it delivered to your inbox each week!
Ryan Nauman's Weekly Recap 09.10.18

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