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A sneak peek of our Monthly New Product Bulletin

Over the last couple of years, we have observed a growing number of new fintech’s entering the market, many of which we presented in various issues of the Monthly New Product Bulletin.

Considering that the fintech market has become increasingly crowded, we recently have put our focus on the distinguishing factors that the new challenger banks have to offer.

As certain aspects are par for the course for fintech’s - no fees, higher-than-average rates, innovative money management tools, easy account opening process, and a sleek app - we have been wondering how they differentiate themselves from each other. How do they make themselves stand out to prospective customers?

Distinguishing features we have observed over the last couple of years are debit card rewards, unlimited free ATM usage, bonus rates when meeting certain requirements, or staggered rates based on how much of the paycheck a customer saves per month.

Lately, however, we have seen an emergence of fintech’s that are different in that they cater to specific customer segments or target niche markets of customers who have a specific interest.

To learn more and access the entire April issue, click  here.


Do you want instant access to the top stories, developments,
news, and press releases like this every month?


The Monthly New Product Bulletin contains highlights
of promotional campaigns, information on fees, features,
current APYs and peer group information on the providers’
newly released products. Excerpts and screenshots are
provided throughout the bulletin to visualize the month’s
updates with links to the original content.


Our Research Team continuously scours the product launches,
press releases and advertisements of the top 50 banks, top 10
credit unions, and select top digital banks to provide a monthly
summary of the latest retail and small business movements.


Click HERE to continue reading the sneak peek of our April issue!


To learn more and access the entire April issue, click HERE.



Monthly New Product Bulletin 


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