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Mapa Research

Have digital investment challengers lost momentum

29 May 2019

Have digital investment challengers lost momentum?

In 2016 the market saw a wave of new digital wealth management platforms enter the market, 3 years later, many of their unique features have been adopted into traditional provider platforms, so have these challengers lost momentum? This article by Tom Erasmus discusses whether established providers have caught up with the challengers and what the future of the market may look like. Article: 3min read

Topic Industry News Fintech RoboAdvisers Digital Banking

IGM Credit, IGM FX and Rates

Alvin Baker Featured on Dukascopy TV (EN)

By Alvin Baker, IGM 10 Aug 2017

Alvin Baker Featured on Dukascopy TV (EN)

The big news of the week is Donald Trumps “Fire & Fury” rhetoric against North Korea. This appeared to have a negative affect on the currency markets, was the market reaction justified? Alvin Baker, Informa Financial Intelligence

Topic Asset Allocation Changing Rate Environment Global Investment Flows Industry News RoboAdvisers US Presidential Election

Market Research Solutions

Robo-Advisors: Friends or Foes?

17 Nov 2016

Robo-Advisors: Friends or Foes?

FinTech has done it again - this time invading the financial investment world with Robo-Advisors.

Topic RoboAdvisers Fintech