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Solving the Issues Caused by Target-Date Funds

By Ryan Nauman 01 Nov 2017

Solving the Issues Caused by Target-Date Funds

Topic Asset Allocation Global Investment Flows Risk Statistics and Mathematics

Zephyr, EPFR

Revisiting Sharpe’s “Tracks in the Sand”

By Ryan Nauman 23 Aug 2017

Nearly 30 years have passed since William Sharpe introduced returns-based style analysis (RBSA) to the investment world in his landmark article, “Determining a Funds Effective Asset Mix.”

Topic Industry News Risk Asset Allocation Returns Based Style Analysis

Zephyr, EPFR

Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards Changing How Investors View Corporations

By Ryan Nauman 09 Aug 2017

There are many reasons why one decides to invest in a particular investment - promising fundamental outlook, technical signals, emotional attachment, or learning.

Topic Industry News Risk Asset Allocation Returns Based Style Analysis

Zephyr, EPFR

Keeping Longevity From Killing Your Clients' Retirement

By Ryan Nauman 21 Jul 2017

People are living longer today than ever before, which is music to some people’s ears, as it provides more time with loved ones and the ability to have more and varied experiences. However, living longer poses an unanticipated risk—the possibility of outliving your money.

Topic Industry News Risk Asset Allocation Returns Based Style Analysis

Zephyr, EPFR

Passive Investments: Far from Perfect

By Ryan Nauman 17 May 2017

Over the past few years the investment management paradigm has shifted. An increasing number of retail investors have incorporated passively managed investments in their portfolios. Investment management firms have responded by adding new and exotic passive investments to their product lineups. However, passive investments are not immune to risk, and to some investors, the risk they are most concerned with is downside risk.

Topic Industry News Risk Asset Allocation Returns Based Style Analysis

PSN Enterprise, Zephyr

Inflation - Risks and Opportunities

By Ryan Nauman 21 Apr 2017

The consensus among economists is that inflation will increase to north of two percent in 2017, which would mark the first time since prior to the Credit Crisis that we’ve experienced consecutive years of inflation above two percent. We examine how financial professionals can use different asset classes to help position client portfolios to guard against inflation as well as contribute to total returns. We also list some of the top performing strategies from the PSN Global Manager Neighborhood database for each asset class during years of inflation over two percent.

Topic Industry News US Presidential Election Risk Changing Rate Environment

IGM FX and Rates, IGM Credit, EPFR

Italian Referendum Risk

By Marcus Dewsnap 23 Nov 2016

The 4 December Italian Constitutional Referendum provides the next opportunity to stick a thumb in the eye of 'the Establishment'. Ironically, PM Renzi was originally chosen because he did not represent the perceived vested interest.

Topic Changing Rate Environment Risk


A Closer Examination of Drawdown Risk

By Ryan Nauman 18 Aug 2016

In conjuction with this article on the Drawdown Risk statistic, we have added a new downside risk template to Zephyr StyleADVSIOR's template library.  

Topic Risk