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Deeper client insight

SEA score | Research services | Financial intelligence

SEA Score™ is a system for understanding banking client engagement and its effects on your organization. It offers you more detailed information for better decision-making.

How it works
The SEA Score™ captures:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Service delivery
  • Customer commitment
  • Likelihood to engage and advocate
  • Flight risk
  • Your ability to attract new customers

The SEA Score™ program also offers you competitive benchmarking, ongoing performance trends, and an understanding of the power of your brand.

Explore the data through an online dashboard and reporting tool, monthly benchmark highlights, and detailed quarterly reports.

How the SEA Score™ can help
The SEA Score™ helps you attract the new business you need to thrive and grow. With an information advantage, you can truly understand how your customers engage with you and how energized they are about your institution and your brand.

What's included

Deeper insights

Deeper insights

Go beyond customer satisfaction to inform your business decisions.

Strategic advantage

Strategic advantage

Discover the power of your brand.

Online dashboard and reporting

Online dashboard and reporting

The tools to get the most from your score.



Of your customers and the general population.

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Free analysis

  • IRS Market Research, SEA Score

    In the News: Order in the courtship: How banks can become number one with fickle customers

    By Susan Hines 31 Jul 2017

    News article: The competition for market share in the banking industry is fierce.  As a result, the typical customer gets inundated with an array of offers from a variety of financial institutions - from the traditional retail bank to online lenders, payment providers and mobile-only banks.

    Topic Industry News

  • IRS Market Research, SEA Score

    SEA Score video: Banking has changed... Technology is advancing!

    17 Jul 2017

    SEA Score is a system for understanding client engagement and its effects on your organization. It offers you more detailed information for better decision-making.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    The Red Flags You’re Missing Because of Antiquated Customer Satisfaction Data

    By Susan Hines 11 May 2017

    These days, providing exceptional customer service won’t keep customers happy or win you new ones. It sounds strange. The first lesson in Business 101 is that a happy, loyal customer feeds the engine that drives profits and growth. Satisfied customers love your brand, recommend you to friends and family and would never consider switching banks. A high promoter score means you’re making all the right moves to ensure a prosperous future. Wrong.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Why Customer Data Is Nothing Without Strategy

    By Susan Hines 10 May 2017

    Banks are in the data business. They have long had access to more consumer data than almost any other segment of corporate America. The value of that very data can’t be overstated. It means they can create more targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns, develop products and offers specifically tailored to customers’ wants and needs and even develop better ways to determine a customer’s creditworthiness and detect fraud.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Is Your Bank’s Focus on Customer Loyalty Hurting Growth?

    By Susan Hines 09 May 2017

    Is loyalty in customers a good trait or a bad one? It might seem like a silly question. After all, executives and marketing professionals have viewed loyalty as a kind of Holy Grail for consumers.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Customers Are Complex. So Why Is the Data Polling Them Not?

    By Susan Hines 08 May 2017

    Bank customers have changed dramatically over the past decade, as has their relationship with the banks they use. Yet, the way banks study and evaluate these very complex customers hasn’t kept pace. That means the data banks are collecting on customers won’t help them to make decisions on service now or in the future.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Why You Can’t Ask Just One Question to Gauge Customer Loyalty

    By Susan Hines 04 May 2017

    You don’t get the right answers if you’re asking the wrong questions. It’s an even bigger problem when you’re only asking one question.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    3 Ways Customer Satisfaction Differs From Customer Loyalty

    By Susan Hines 03 May 2017

    The financial services industry makes extensive use of programs that measure satisfaction and loyalty. To many, the two terms are interchangeable. After all, it stands to reason that a satisfied customer will stay put, and isn’t that the definition of loyalty. No, it isn’t.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    How Better Customer Data Allows You to Attract and Win Business

    By Susan Hines 02 May 2017

    Jack Welch, the former chairman and CEO of General Electric, once said, “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” This statement has never been more valid.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    What It Takes To Become A Customer’s Primary Financial Institution

    By Susan Hines 24 Apr 2017

    The competition for market share in the banking industry is fierce. The typical customer is inundated with an array of offers from a variety of financial institutions, from the traditional retail bank to online lenders, payment providers and mobile-only banks. So it’s no wonder that rising numbers of consumers are increasing comfortable having relationships with several banks.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    War on Attrition: How Your Data Fails To See the Customers Who Are Ready To Leave

    By Susan Hines 21 Apr 2017

    The eruption of mobile banking and a worldwide financial crisis that shook consumer confidence have altered forever how customers interact with their financial institutions. Banks that hope to ensure future growth need to find ways to not only attract new customers, but also keep their existing one from walking out the door.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Why Off-the-Shelf Research Should Stay On the Shelf

    By Susan Hines 19 Apr 2017

    As the importance of marketing has accelerated for traditional retail banks in the highly competitive digital era, why would anyone make due with any old generic market research?

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Why You Need to Service, Energize and Attract Customers

    By Susan Hines 12 Apr 2017

    Dig beneath all the talk about profit margins, regulations, marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction surveys and the answer is in three words -- Service, Energize and Attract customers.

  • SEA Score, IRS Market Research

    Why Satisfaction Data Misses What Customers You Don’t Yet Have Really Want

    By Susan Hines 11 Apr 2017

    These days, a high customer satisfaction score means almost nothing when it comes to winning new business.

  • IRS Market Research, SEA Score

    In the News: Why Millennials See Banks Differently Than Baby Boomers

    By Sue Hines 15 Mar 2017

    News article: There is just 20 years’ difference between the youngest Baby Boomer and the oldest of the so-called Millennial generation. But those two decades spell a big difference in how these generations view banks.

    Topic Industry News

Meet the team


Susan Hines

Analyst, Manager, Experience Research

California, USA

Susan Hines

+33 year(s) experience


Chuck Miwa

Management, Head of Retail and Consumer Banking, Financial Intelligence

California, USA

Chuck Miwa

Chuck specializes in

  • Customer Experience/Engagement/Loyalty
  • Retail Banking Products
  • Retail Lending
  • Benchmarking

+32 year(s) experience

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