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Journey beyond the login of both your competitors and peers

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Having a mobile banking app isn’t enough. What matters is how well your user experience and design create an emotional connection that makes your app the preferred customer choice.

Mapa Research clients get an information advantage: the answers to important questions about what their competitors are doing on digital banking channels. Use this information to make strategic decisions and improve the customer experience.

Our research answers:

  • What sales and marketing approaches are being taken?
  • How do users log in, and what security and authentication measures are in place?
  • How does the customer experience compare to best practices?
  • How easy is it for consumers to manage their accounts?
  • How are payments and transfers made?
  • Are there additional features, such as personal finance management (PFM) tools and contextual search?

Using our worldwide portfolio of nearly 200 live bank accounts and credit cards, we provide expert analysis, benchmarking, gap analysis, and strategic and tactical recommendations relating to the digital customer experience across financial services.

Mapa Research’s consultancy services provide insights that our clients find incredibly useful for building evidence-based product, sales, and marketing strategies.

  • Develop customer acquisition strategies for retention and growth
  • Better understand your competition’s sales and marketing approaches
  • Witness customer journeys through account servicing, card management, and support
  • Identify competitive product positioning across multiple delivery channels
  • Benchmark your app against industry best practices

Since 1986, the breadth and depth of our research gives our clients an objective, evidence-based view of your competitive landscape. Ultimately, Mapa Research helps our clients win, retain, grow, and delight their customers online.

What's included

Custom programs

Custom programs

Understand and improve performance and employee behaviors.

Mystery shop program

Mystery shop program

In-branch, by phone and online.

Identify potential licensing

Gap analysis

For sales strategies, staff training and more.

Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence

Understand competitors with our mystery shop program.

Financial Intelligence: latest

Free analysis

  • Mapa Research

    PFM tools in mobile banking

    By Mapa Research 05 Dec 2017

    Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools help customers better understand their financial health, what they are spending money on, and trends around their incoming and outgoing cash. Often these tools let customers put money to one side, to help them reach financial goals. Banking providers who prioritize PFM focus on helping customers understand and control their financial situation. While we know that challengers are putting PFM at the heart of their offerings, continually improving the analytics and categorization supplied, incumbent banks have been slower to bring even basic PFM tools to the forefront of their mobile or desktop banking platforms. Download the full report to find out more.

    Topic Industry News

  • Mapa Research

    Educating and Supporting Credit Card Users

    By Mapa Research 05 Dec 2017

    Supporting and educating credit card users has become an all-important task. Why? In the UK, the Bank of England revealed that from April 2016 – April 2017, consumer credit (which credit cards fall into) had increased by 10.3%. At the same time, the Federal Reserve announced that credit card debts in the US are at $1.027 trillion, the highest since 2008. Whilst consumers are taking on more debt, incomes have largely remained the same. For this reason, it has become even more important that financial providers are doing their part to ensure that consumers are not creating unnecessary debt. Over the past two quarters, Mapa’s Credit Card Monitor has seen the digital support offered to credit card holders, both in the UK and the US, increase in a number of ways. Download the full report to find out more.

    Topic Industry News

  • Mapa Research

    PayPal and P2P Payments: A strategic push for market share

    By Mapa Research 30 Aug 2017

    PayPal has spotted an opportunity to grow its market share in peer-to-peer (P2P) payments. The ultimate goal is to offer more flexibility in terms of how customers send and receive money from each other. By bringing its proposition closer to customers, the provider is offering access to its P2P payments services directly within partnering apps and channels. Strong competition in the market meant that it had to move quickly, resulting in a number of partnerships with leading players in the past year – Microsoft, Slack and Skype, to name a few. This free Mapa Research report looks at PayPal’s expansion strategy in the P2P payments market. Although, partnerships seems to be the main tactic it is also using the PayPal mobile app and the increasingly popular Venmo app to complement the plan. Download the report to find out more.

    Topic Industry News

  • Mapa Research

    Personalised Banking: Amending Notification Preferences In-App

    By Mapa Research 31 Jul 2017

    This Mapa Research report assesses mobile banking customer experience, in particular how providers are giving customers more control and personalisation within apps by letting users adjust how and when they are sent notifications and alerts. Most of the banks monitored by Mapa Research send alerts to customers for various reasons - based on spending limits, when payments are made, when the account balance goes below a certain amount, and so on. What is becoming more common is banks allowing customers to amend their notification preferences - how and when an alert is sent to them - within the mobile banking channel (in the app). Around 36% of the banks we monitor in our Mobile Banking Dashboard allow customers to amend alerts in-app.

    Topic Industry News

  • Mapa Research

    The Role of Chatbots in Digital Banking

    By Mapa Research 18 Apr 2017

    Similar to recent research on artificial intelligence and the financial industry, this Mapa Research report looks at what is happening with chatbots in digital banking. Increasingly, financial services providers are using Facebook Messenger in a bid to “meet people where they are.” This summary document provides channel managers and innovators in FinTech a useful update on the state of the market. Given some new and updated examples from American Express, Wells Fargo, Revolut, and MasterCard, this report utilizes insights gleaned from Mapa Research's competitor analysis and assesses the role of chatbots in digital banking, looking to the future of this nascent communication method.  

    Topic Industry News

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Chuck Miwa

Management, Head of Retail and Consumer Banking, Financial Intelligence

California, USA

Chuck Miwa

Chuck specializes in

  • Customer Experience/Engagement/Loyalty
  • Retail Banking Products
  • Retail Lending
  • Benchmarking

+32 year(s) experience

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