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To create growth and marketing strategies, you need to have comparative insight into how you are currently performing in the market place against your key competitors. With eBenchmarkers you will understand market trends, uncover opportunities and develop a successful long-term growth strategy. View more on eBenchmarkers – Financial Competitor Benchmarking.
Understand the detailed specifics about how your key competitors compare with you with current product and services offerings. Our ultra-detailed research will give you the informative advantage over your competitors, empowering you to make profitable decisions. View more on Competitive Product Research.
Navigating front-line channels in the retail world can be daunting, educate yourself with our financial intelligence information and market research, understand your customers and your competition. Take action and improve sales and service performance. View more on Banking Market Research.
User experience is a key factor to consider and constantly improve on in the digital world. The customer journey, online interaction and brand experience is a powerful driving force in sales and customer retention. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward and offering a positive seamless experience. View more on Digital Banking Research from MAPA.
Channel engagement is changing with the advancement of technology and feedback data. Our SEA Score™ is a granular data tool for customer/member engagement and loyalty research, helping you make the right strategic decisions. View more on customer engagement in banking from SEA Score.