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Product comparisons draw the eyes of your target consumers – but they only work if they’re convincing. When you claim you have the best product offers, Financial Intelligence Marketing Services provides data and a name your customers can trust.

As the premier provider of competitive product rate and fee information to the financial industry, we’re the best backing your comparison can have.

How it works

  • You use our data to create direct comparisons (by rate, fees, or other value-added) to your competition or national and state average rates
  • You include our name on your online, print, TV or radio advertising, adding credibility and validating your claim
  • We can help design a product comparison that works for your marketing campaign using our product data and name


How it can help
Product comparisons engage consumers and increase conversion and cross-sell opportunities. Your customers feel confident about their product selection when the data is backed up by an objective third party.

What's included

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