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Real-time analysis of equity market liquidity and macroeconomic trends.

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Get beyond fundamentals and technicals. What really drives stock prices is liquidity - the amount of shares available to buy and the amount of money available to buy them. Like the prices of any tradeable good, the prices of stocks are driven by supply and demand.

TrimTabs Investment Research offers timely, accurate data and analysis on fund flows, corporate actions, and macroeconomic trends that will help you improve your investment process. TrimTabs also uses its liquidity data in a range of model trading and asset allocation portfolios.

How it Works

TrimTabs tracks three main types of data to assess what investors and companies are doing on a daily basis in the U.S. stock market and how the U.S. economy is performing:

  • Fund Flows (Demand) - Mutual fund and exchange-traded fund flows
  • Corporate Actions (Supply) - Cash takeovers, stock buybacks, new equity issuance, and insider buying and selling
  • Macroeconomic Data - Proprietary macroeconomic index, U.S. Treasury tax collections, and a range of key leading economic indicators

How TrimTabs Can Help

TrimTabs offers the following products:

  • Data - TrimTabs provides daily liquidity data used in trading strategies by some of the largest asset managers in the world.
  • Research Reports - TrimTabs provides daily analysis of equity market liquidity to institutional investors.
  • Model Trading and Asset Allocation Portfolios - TrimTabs offers a range of model trading and asset allocation portfolios that are run live and use liquidity data to generate alpha.

TrimTabs provides timely, comprehensive analysis of equity market liquidity trends and macroeconomic developments that will enable you to make better and more informed investment decisions.


How we've helped other businesses

Hedge Fund

"The quality of TrimTabs buybacks data - in terms of granularity, accuracy, and methodology - is the best in the marketplace."

$10 Billion U.S. Based Hedge Fund

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