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PSN Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) Data

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How PSN SMA can help

With PSN SMA you get the most accurate SMA data available, verified and released monthly and quarterly, including access to over 20,000 domestic and global investment products and over 285 preloaded PSN published universes.

Firms & Products

  • Over 2,500 firms and over 20,000 listed products
  • 40 years of data including net and gross-of-fee returns
  • No survivor bias with inactive firms/products included
  • Data is updated, checked and refreshed daily
  • Firms, products, and data fields are consistently added
  • Database firm membership is free
  • Firm data includes asset breakdowns, GIPS compliance, business continuity, ownership, contact info, biographies, key personnel, business objective narratives, philosophy, and portfolio construction including ESG
  • Product data includes asset breakdowns, style, ESG, fees, GIC sectors, fixed income ranges, and full holdings

How it works

Leverage the standalone data, use it with PSN Enterprise or Zephyr, or incorporate it into your internal and third party systems to research, analyze and measure performance and assess risk.

PSN SMA Model Portfolios

Combining our proprietary view of the SMA market via our PSN SMA data with Zephyr’s powerful analytics and reporting, we’ve created Top Guns Model Portfolios. These models provide advisors with empirical historical data based on SMA portfolios made up of the top SMA performers.

We’ve also created similar portfolios consisting of ETFs, using the same asset allocations that we used for the SMA models, to provide a side-by-side comparison of the active and passive model portfolios. Discover Model Portfolios here.

PSN Top Guns – Recognizing the Best-of-the-Best SMAs

The PSN Top Guns are our quarterly separate account performance rankings. Using a proprietary blend of our clients’ top-priority performance screens, PSN Top Guns ranks products in six categories in 70+ universes. This includes our annual recognition of the Manager of the Decade. Go to our PSN Top Guns login and register for complimentary access to the Top Guns listing.


Facts Behind PSN SMA

PSN Universe Stats

PSN New Products and Managers

PSN Universe List

Informa Financial Intelligence has formed a strategic alliance between its Zephyr Wealth Management business and financial technology company Aapryl that will make PSN Separately Managed Accounts data available on Aapryl’s Predictive Manager Research Platform. Aapryl’s platform leverages a unique, patent pending methodology that allows investors to identify managers that are most likely to be successful in the future. Aapryl also has a Manager Diagnostic analytical tool for investment managers wanting to understand how they are being viewed by investors and consultants, comparing their results relative to their peers. For more information about Aapryl, visit

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