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Demonstrate Your Membership Advantage

Prisewise | Data analysis tools | Financial intelligence

Demonstrate Your Membership Advantage

Credit Unions have a unique value proposition. You offer lower rates on loans, higher rates on deposit products, and more personalized service when compared to other financial institutions. You know it and the banks know it.

PriceWise™ empowers credit unions to make the best pricing and product feature decisions using our powerful set of smart business tools. PriceWise™ gives you access to Informa’s unrivaled competitive product intelligence. This detailed information allows for accurate comparisons, while precision product comparisons allow for more profitable pricing decisions. View PriceWise™ for community banks.

Demonstrate your institution’s benefit over banks!

In addition to pricing and product smart tools, PriceWise’s Membership Advantage module makes it simple to demonstrate the value you bring to your members when compared to other financial institutions. 

Membership Advantage makes it easy to calculate, prove, and promote the real economic value you deliver.

Here’s how it works:

  • Member households are divided into six common life-cycle stages, like “Just Starting Out” or “Empty Nester.”
  • A “financial footprint” is created for each household. A footprint represents the financial services a household purchases from you - from deposits to loans.
  • PriceWise Membership Advantage quickly calculates the economic benefit your institution delivers to your members when compared to banks or other groups.
  • Once you’ve quantified your membership advantage, promote your superiority using your website, mass media, community outreach, social media, and print/digital advertising.


Contact us for a live demo of PriceWise™ and the Membership Advantage module. See this powerful pricing tool in action and begin proving the economic value you provide your membership immediately!

What's included

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How we've helped other businesses

Andigo (MECU)

“Those structured pull-down menus and built-in analysis tools give me confidence that we can find sweet spots in the market faster than anyone else.”

Sean Bowers Executive Vice President/CIO

Kohl Advisory Group

“The combination of product cost averages developed by Kohl Advisory Group and comprehensive market data compiled by Informa could not have come at a better time. The resulting decision information now available will be invaluable to smaller financial institutions as they confront an ever changing economic environment and increased competition.”

Mike Kohl President & CEO

The Partnership Federal Credit Union

“Informa’s tool provides more pricing insight, more efficiently, than we’ve ever been able to achieve before.”

Theresa Mann President & Chief Executive Officer

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