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Your eyes and ears

Informagic | Data analysis tools | Financial intelligence

If you currently do your own retail bank pricing product research or rely on a substandard source, you can save time and increase insight with Informagic™. It’s your eyes and ears on the retail banking market, giving you a comprehensive view of global products.

How it works

  • Our unique methodologies offer the best competitive product rate and fee research for every retail banking product on the market
  • You can access and analyze data whenever and wherever you need it with the online rate and fee analysis tool
  • The system lets you track your competitors, monitor market shares and analyze historical trends

Informagic™ offers unrivaled banking data accuracy and timeliness. More than 75% of our product information is provided directly from the client institution.

How Informagic™ can help
Successful products come from exceptional competitor research. With accurate rate and fee data at their fingertips, product managers can truly see how their institution’s products compare. That means smarter pricing and product management decisions.

Any questions?

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