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FX Flow Pulse

FX Flow Pulse | Financial intelligence

Exclusive FX intelligence
FX Flow Pulse provides updates on the variations of the FX indices that pinpoint skewed positions, which can often give rise to currency risks and explain forward-looking FX trends.

These indices are driven by EPFR’s unique flow data, updated multiple times a month, and supported with analysis from Exante’s team of FX strategists – the results helping you make the best FX allocation decisions.

FX Flow Indices
You can track the current currency exposure vs the historical average (back to 2015) of real money managers. These insights will help you decide whether to increase or decrease exposure, dependent on whether you think the trend is going to continue or mean revert.

Wide FX indices coverage - The indices show the deviation of cross-border funds currency exposure, from their historical average. These indices are updated multiple times per month and cover from USD, G10, G4 and Emerging Markets to China.

Stay ahead in a fast-moving market - gain expert commentary on ‘the go’ with FX Flow Pulse. Receive multiple monthly email updates, and access intuitive, interactive charts online. In addition, discover new insights from holistic and thematic research and analysis.

Keep abreast of the FX market with FX Flow Pulse, where teams of experts ensure you have the financial intelligence to make smart investment decisions.

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Note: FX Flow Pulse is intended to help portfolio managers, strategists, and analyst of macro funds, multi-strategy funds, real money managers, pensions, and other portfolios that have exposure to global currencies, along with corporates, and central banks.

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