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Derive Alpha. Mitigate Beta. Make informed decisions.


EPFR Fund Focus                


EPFR Fund Focus provides weekly unique insights on fund movements and rotations, allowing investors to monitor volatility and mitigate risk in the financial market.

As the world moved through the pandemic, our Director of Research, Cameron Brandt, and Mutual Funds and ETFs subject matter expert, Steve Muzzlewhite offered their thoughts each week on the Funds receiving strong support, and the fund manager allocations that drove global markets.


About our experts



Cameron Brandt


Cameron Brandt, Director of Research – EPFR, Informa Financial Intelligence

Cameron monitors EPFR’s vast database on a daily and weekly basis. The database is drawn from 100,0000 mutual funds with $34 trillion in assets under management. He looks for shifts and trends, these are then relayed to clients and the sales team, and summarized on a weekly basis. Cameron, who holds a degree in economics from Yale University, joined EPFR Global in 2001 and was appointed Director of Research in 2010. He co-authored an IFR-published study of fund flows and produces regular reports on trends that emerge from EPFR Global’s data. 


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 Steve Muzzlewhite            

Steve Muzzlewhite, Subject matter expert, Mutual Funds and ETFs – EPFR, Informa Financial Intelligence

Steve Muzzlewhite has spent over 30 years in the Asset Management industry working for a number of leading organisations, including Barclays, Mercury Asset Management, Merrill Lynch, Commerzbank, and State Street Global Advisors. At Informa, as part of the Financial Intelligence division, Steve is helping our clients better understand where fund flows are moving, how the Global Asset Management community is positioned across countries, sectors, industries, and individual stocks, and how to incorporate this data into their workflows for maximum benefit.


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EPFR data enables alpha generation as a sentiment indicator

EPFR Flow and Allocation data provides a unique view on investor and fund manager sentiment through its mutual fund and ETF flows and positioning data across global markets, helping buyside and sell-side institutions make informed decisions.

EPFR tracks over 100,100 traditional and alternative funds domiciled globally, with more than $34 trillion in total assets, and provides daily, weekly, and monthly equity and fixed income fund flows.

Our macro and stock level insights helps portfolio managers, asset allocators, strategists and research teams understand where money is moving, how fund managers are investing that money, and what impact those shifts are having on geographies, sectors, industries and securities. Clients use EPFR Flow and Allocation data to generate alpha in both discretionary and quantitative investment processes, as an input in top-down asset allocation decisions, as well as bottom-up stock screening strategies.

What EPFR customers say…


 “If you are a macro-strategy team EPFR is a ‘must’. I don’t think there is a better flow and allocation data provider in the market.”

Main Sponsor, Financial Services Provider
       “EPFR is extremely valuable, I will always want to work with this data. I value the flow and allocation insights highly as it really does help me to get a good idea of what is going on in the market.”

Vyacheslav Smolyaninov, Chief Strategist / Deputy Head
Of Research, BCS
      “EPFR is a data set that is useful as a comparison across markets, regions and asset classes. The data will tell you what is happening from one region to another meaning you can better understand investor sentiment."

Kenneth Chan, SVP Global Quantitative Strategist,
Jefferies Hong Kong Limited


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