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What's included

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Informagic | Financial Intelligence

BankTrends - Banking Analytics

Key benefits:

  • Timely collection
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Gap analysis
CIQ | Financial Intelligence

ComplianceIQ - Financial Compliance Monitoring

Help your compliance department stay on top of promises made to clients by financial advisors.

Key benefits:

  • Violations tracking
  • Compatibility with other products
  • Email alerts

GIPS Composite Management and Reporting

Save valuable time by automating your GIPS composite reporting and gain more peace of mind with a trusted composite tool vs. manually created spreadsheets.

Key benefits:

  • Time-saving automation
  • Fully flexible reports
  • Easy report exporting

Meet the team


Chad Watkins

Executive, Vice President , Customer Experience


Chad Watkins

Chad specializes in

  • Retail Banking Products
  • Customer Experience/Engagement/Loyalty

25+ years of experience