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Making data-informed decisions based on real time information affords lenders the opportunity to impact margin and loan volume results by understanding and managing their relative position.

Mortgage Benchmarking

Mortgage Benchmarking

Mortgage Benchmarking

 Daily pricing survey
for any origination channel
providing scenario “snapshots”
Daily pricing data available
online with the ability to
run customized “on-the-fly”
product/loan amount/FICO/LTV
scenarios for more advanced
market investigation
Weekly loan origination data
representing 50% of the
mortgage market’s applications,
rate locks and fundings

Overview of our Mortgage Solutions


Margin Management

  • Competitive environment: pricing and originations
  • Pricing strategy implementation and tracking
  • Break-even analysis on contribution and total margin levels

Managed Services

  • Customized mortgage analytics
  • Industry experience on demand
  • In depth analysis of your business performance,
    leveraging internal and external mortgage data


Quality peer benchmarking data indicative of the market is available to you through the LendersBenchmark turnkey analytics platform and data consortium, which delivers actionable insights while there is still time to impact performance.



Lender Performance


Gauge your relative performance - identify product, risk, and
geographic segments driving overall share changes.


Customers often ask:
Which segments are growing and how much opportunity is available?

        Mortgage Benchmarking

Mortgage Benchmarking

Pricing Competitiveness

Understand your competitive position across product, risk,
and geographic segments by bank peer benchmarking rate sheet
pricing and transactional rates. 


Customers often ask: Did my 25 bps purchase special really
improve my competitive position and did it provide lift?


Market Opportunity


Quickly identify areas of underperformance - fully understand opportunity
across product, risk, and geographic segments.


Customers often ask:
Is a 5% increase in my lock volume this week on par with my peers?

Mortgage Benchmarking

Mortgage Benchmarking      

Operational Execution

Full lifecycle visibility - identify relative strengths and weaknesses impacting overall performance.


Customers often ask:
My cycle times have climbed 7 days over the past quarter - is that better or worse than my competitors?

Lending professionals need tools and competitive intelligence to make strategic pricing decisions that give them a competitive position. Through market data that is timely, specific, comprehensive, and comparable, our turnkey analytics platform and data consortium delivers actionable insight that gives you the ability to formulate a competitive strategy that defines your opportunities for growth.

Our Mortgage Peer Benchmarking Experts:


Brandonn Dukes
Vice President Mortgage Solutions

                      John Sayre
Vice President Client Success
                      Rich Martin
Market Analysis Manager


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