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Flow and Allocation data provides a unique view on investor and fund manager sentiment through its mutual fund and ETF flows and positioning data across global markets, helping buy and sell-side institutions make informed decisions.

Four key reasons clients choose Informa Financial Intelligence data and insight

  1. Timeliness: clients use Flow and Allocation daily data to monitor the previous days capital flows, and monthly positioning data to track portfolio managers’ allocations (with only a 23-day lag)
  2. Breadth: Flow and Allocation data tracks globally domiciled funds - not just US or Europe. This breadth of data provides a comprehensive indicator of global investor sentiment, covering the major developed and emerging/offshore markets
  3. Granularity: granular data (down to the manager/fund/share class level) allows clients to see which investors are moving money (retail or institutional investors), which funds or managers are benefiting most from those movements, and gives further insight into global investor sentiment on important market topics (active vs. passive, multi-asset, MLP, etc.)
  4. Proprietary Data Sets: by combining both Flow and Allocation data sets, IFI has created indicative factors for how much money is moving between geographies, sectors, industries and stocks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

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