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Enhance Hedge Fund research, improve directional calls
& mitigate risk with accurate, reliable Hedge Fund Flow data


The EFPR portfolio now includes Hedge Fund Flow data offering an unrivalled, comprehensive view of capital flows,when viewed
alongside EPFR Mutual Fund and ETFs data that tracks $50 trn in global capital flows. EPFR empowers investors with timely
fund flows and allocation insight, and our new offering shows how this ‘discrete’ investor type impacts markets.

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Enhance performance with more informed investment decisions
Our Hedge Fund Flow data provides:


  •  Non-estimated fund flow calculations at a fund level
  • A precise proxy of investor sentiment and hedge fund activity
  • Clean Hedge Fund data, which report consistently each month
    - with 92% accuracy!
  • Specific strategy classification to derive better insights


Support investment decisions

  • Develop trading ideas by analysing how hedge funds impact markets
  • Support market views with a unique look into capital flows
  • Generate alpha and create new investment factors
  • Gain an edge with exclusive insight into hedge fund flows


Support risk management decisions

  • Gauge yield hunger
  • Receive early warning of key reversal signals
  • Views with a unique look into capital flows


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Hedge fund flows data has historically been murky, incomplete and out-of-date. With speed and accuracy indispensable to good investment decision making, this has raised a major barrier for investors trying to answer key questions, such as:

  • How long can the boom in commodities-based CTAs persist?
  • Are systematic or discretionary strategies finding favor with investors
  • Which emerging markets economies are attracting capital from hedge fund investors?


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EPFR Historically, it has been hard to extract signals from aggregated hedge fund data that can (a) be integrated into existing investment processes or (b) used as the foundation for a new process. A desire to protect proprietary information, and greater discretion compared to so-called 40 Act funds regarding how much and when to report, makes the flow of data from the hedge fund universe inconsistent and heterogeneous… Read more
The renewed financial repression stemming from the round of extraordinary policy measures unveiled last year to mitigate the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic spurred investors to take another look at alternative asset classes and investment strategies. EPFR tracked Alternative Funds have recorded inflows 47 of the 61 weeks since the start of 2Q20. Over that period the assets managed by Alternative Funds increased by over a fifth… Read more


Why Choose EPFR?



Independent, globally tracked fund performance data

Our data series is sourced through direct relationships with fund managers
and administrators. Managers provide independent, trusted data as part of
their normal accounting process - we have maintained long standing


Our  flows are available at either the asset class aggregate, fund group,
investment manager, individual fund and share class levels to support the
most granular and informed insight. Our comprehensive, transparent, and
robust updates are available daily, weekly, and monthly in addition to a
historical time series.

Derive Alpha. Mitigate Beta. Gain Macro & Stock level Insight.


EPFR Fund Flows and Allocations data helps finance professionals generate
alpha in both discretionary and quantitative investment processes - as an input
in top-down asset allocation decisions, as well as bottom-up stock screening strategies.


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What EPFR customers say…


“EPFR is extremely valuable, I will always want to work with this data. I value the flow and allocation insights highly as it really does help me to get a good idea of what is going on in the market.”

Vyacheslav Smolyaninov, Chief Strategist /
Deputy Head Of Research, BCS


        “If you are a macro-strategy team EPFR is a ‘must’. I don’t think there is a better flow and allocation data provider in the market.”

Main Sponsor,
Financial Services Provider
          “EPFR is a data set that is useful as a  comparison across markets, regions and asset classes. The data will tell you what is happening from one region to another meaning you can better understand investor sentiment."

Kenneth Chan, SVP Global Quantitative Strategist,
Jefferies Hong Kong Limited


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