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EPFR’s portfolio now includes Fixed Income holdings data, providing customers with a clear view of mutual funds and ETFs in the Fixed Income market. EPFR Fixed Income Barometer data is collected from a universe of over 2,000 globally domiciled bonds and multi-asset funds, covering over $2.6 trillion in AUM and 50,000+ unique corporate and sovereign bonds. This new offering provides customers with insight into bond ownership at both issue and issuer level and highlights characteristics popular with both active and passive managers, for better investment decisions.


Why EPFR Fixed Income Barometer?


Fixed Income Barometer

Powerful insight into fund manager sentiment

Establish a detailed view into broad fund manager sentiment across different fund types, including breakdowns by:

  • Geographic focus and domicile of funds
  • Active vs Passive
  • ETF vs mutual fund
  • SRI/ESG holdings


Enhance bond level signals and monitor inflection points within fixed income markets

  • Gauge size and direction of daily cash flow into bond securities
  • Determine concentration risk within bond markets and individual portfolios


Strengthen knowledge of bond ownership

  • Learn more about bond ownership at an issue and issuer level
  • View individual holdings of actively and passively managed funds



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Fixed income markets are abuzz about the spectacular demand for new green bonds – and there’s no denying that investors are hungry for these instruments.

Flows into fixed income funds with socially responsible investing (SRI) or environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandates have soared. Those tracked by EPFR have seen their AuM increase sevenfold since beginning of 2019... Read more


The fate of China’s Evergrande, the second-largest developer in
China by sales, continues to grip the international markets, with
fears the debt crisis being faced by the heavily indebted housing
developer will not only have knock on repercussions for China’s
real estate sector – which, with its related industries accounts for
as much as 30% of Chinese GDP – but also trigger a string of both domestic and international defaults, in what doomsayers have warned could well be another Lehman moment for financial markets... Read more


Enhance your visibility of full individual fund portfolio holdings


Fixed Income Barometer


Which specific bonds & ISINs mutual funds and ETFs are buying and selling

Fixed Income Barometer


Where holders of bonds are domiciled and which managers are holding which securities

Fixed Income Barometer


Size of position held by individual funds or on average by mandate type


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Independent, globally tracked fund performance data

Our data series is sourced through direct relationships with fund managers and
administrators. Managers provide independent, trusted data as part of their
normal accounting process - we have maintained long standing relationships.

Our  flows are available at either the asset class aggregate, fund group,
investment manager, individual fund and share class levels to support the most
granular and informed insight. Our comprehensive, transparent, and robust
updates are available daily, weekly, monthly in addition to an historical time series.

Derive Alpha. Mitigate Beta. Gain Macro & Bond level Insight.

EPFR Fund Flows and Allocations data helps finance professionals generate
alpha in both discretionary and quantitative investment processes - as an input
in top-down asset allocation decisions, as well as bottom-up stock screening



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EPFR is a global data provider helping financial professionals understand where money is moving, how fund managers are investing that money, and what impact those shifts are having on geographies, sectors, industries and securities.



What EPFR customers say…


“EPFR is extremely valuable, I will always want to work with this data. I value the flow and allocation insights highly as it really does help me to get a good idea of what is going on in the market.”

Vyacheslav Smolyaninov, Chief Strategist /
Deputy Head Of Research, BCS


      “If you are a macro-strategy team EPFR is a ‘must’. I don’t think there is a better flow and allocation data provider in the market.”

Main Sponsor,
Financial Services Provider
          “EPFR is a data set that is useful as a  comparison across markets, regions and asset classes. The data will tell you what is happening from one region to another meaning you can better understand investor sentiment."

Kenneth Chan, SVP Global Quantitative Strategist,
Jefferies Hong Kong Limited


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