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Our Bank Peer Benchmarking & Analysis offerings coverage is vast, with solutions across all lending forms including deposit rates, mortgage rates, and bank call reports.

Watch and learn how our platform and data consortium deliver actionable insight across your organization.


Bank Peer Benchmarking Coverage

Mortgage Peer Benchmarking:


Real-time performance mortgage peer benchmarking that enables lender
rate comparison, to assess overall competitive positioning to positively
impact share, margin, risk, and operational execution.

With access to weekly loan origination data, representing over 50% of the
mortgage market’s applications, rate locks, and funding, we provide
mortgage lenders real-time loan origination performance relative to the market.

        Bank Peerbenchmarking 

Bank Peerbenchmarking 

Consumer Lending Benchmarking: 

Our data driven solutions and insight provide consumer lenders real-time performance 
benchmarking, enabling them to assess their competitive position to positively impact 
share, margin, risk, and operational execution.

  • Better understand your competitive position
  • Take the heavy lifting out of your competitive analytics and pricing management

We track the following types of consumer lending:
Home Equity, Small Business, Unsecured, Personal Loans & Liens, Auto, Fintech


Retail and Small Business Deposit Benchmarking:


We provide accurate, real-time, competitor bank deposit analysis and insight that
allows you to:

  • Outperform your competition
  • Make timely decisions to positively impact your portfolio
  • Minimize pricing risk
  • Monitor industry trends
Bank Peerbenchmarking 

Bank Peerbenchmarking       

Commercial & Treasury Benchmarking:

Our Commercial Reports and Solutions deliver statistics, data, insight, and expert

observations that provide critical intelligence to increase profit margins and manage expenses.

Bank Call Reports: 


With a few clicks we can quantify where you are overperforming and/or
underperforming against your peers:

  • Instant, identifiable drivers of bank and credit union performance
    from call report data
  • Dashboard reporting that impacts the bottom line
  • Strategic analysis and “what if” simulators
  • Performance benchmarking against any bank, credit union,
    or peer group
 Bank Peerbenchmarking

Bank Peerbenchmarking 

Insurance Benchmarking

Understand market trends, uncover opportunities and develop long-term
growth strategies with access to confidential data from over 100
leading financial services providers - data that's not available anywhere
else. Derive actionable insights through our tailored analysis and
in-house expert consultants to ultimately solve your greatest challenges.


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In today’s marketplace, Banking and Credit Union professionals require a level of analytics and competitive intelligence that supports strategic decision making. Our turnkey analytics platform and data consortium delivers actionable insight while there is still time to impact performance; providing the ability to formulate a competitive strategy through market data that is timely, specific, comprehensive, and comparable to define additional opportunities for growth.

Our Bank Peer Benchmarking Experts:


Shaun Richardson
Senior Vice President

            Lindsay Burkhalter
Director of Consumer Lending
            Brandonn Dukes
VP of Mortgage Solutions


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