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About Laurent


+6 year(s) experience

Laurent Liote, Senior Analyst, Headshot
As Senior Analyst at Mapa Research, Laurent is responsible for identifying potential technology gaps in leading financial providers’ delivery channels.
At the heart of Laurent’s experience, both academic and professional, lies the ability to understand and consolidate complex information and identify best practices of integrating new technologies into existing infrastructures.

Since obtaining his master’s in Public Policy from the London School of Economics, Laurent has been in research roles focussing on visual analytics and machine learning, and how they can be integrated into governmental and financial businesses.

At Mapa Research, Laurent applies his knowledge of visualising data and identifying technology gaps to make recommendations to leading financial providers on how to adopt the latest technologies into their existing infrastructure to enhance their business models.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Laurent

  • Search Optimization Chatbots for Customers & Employees

    Search Optimization Chatbots for Customers & Employees

    In the second piece of our series on AI Applications for Retail Banking, we cover the customer and employee-facing chatbots that are optimizing searches to reduce overall transaction times, but still driving the human interaction that customers typically crave.

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  • Mapa Research

    AI Applications for Retail Banking

    AI Applications for Retail Banking

    AI here is understood in its broad definition: “The ability of a computer to perform a task commonly associated with intelligent beings”. Our focus however is more practical than theoretical as we aim to identify AI use-cases in retail banking and ask what they mean for consumers. Mapa Research monitors and reports on developments in AI servicing and digital innovation in retail banking. Read more...

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