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About Kseniya

New York, USA

10+ years of experience

Kseniya Nadtochiy
Kseniya Nadtochiy, Senior Analyst at Informa Financial Intelligence, researches the digital banking landscape to detect emerging trends and identify the most successful strategies employed by banks and credit unions.

With a focus on regional banks, she works as part of the international Digital Banking Research team to share exclusive insights on the industry’s best features and functionalities with clients looking to sharpen their competitive edge. She helps compile data for the U.S. Retail Checking Digital Tracker, the firm’s most heavily subscribed digital solution, and heads the Mortgage Digital Tracker.

As part of the team, she observes how customers interact with desktop platforms and mobile apps - documenting how they track spending, make payments, create alerts, and monitor account balances.

Kseniya tackles client research with an acute understanding of financial institutions gained in her previous role as an analyst assigned to the asset management industry. She came to Informa with an unusual passion for statistical analysis, which has helped her uncover deeper insights into key consumer behaviors.

Outside work, Kseniya, an Uzbekistan native, loves exploring new territory as a travel, hiking, and is a food enthusiast.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Statistics; Rutgers University - New Brunswick

“It’s no longer enough for banks to have a great brand; they must also offer a powerful digital experience. At Informa, we can help them see digital trends percolating around the world, long before they hit the U.S. We can show them the digital revolution unfolding in real-time.”

Analyst Articles

Articles by Kseniya

  • Digital Banking Hub, Digital Banking Research

    PFM innovation amidst a global pandemic

    By Kseniya Nadtochiy 08 Mar 2021


    COVID-19 upended existing lifestyles and personal habits The spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns resulted in millions of people suddenly unemployed or furloughed. For those who remained employed, there was still uncertainty in terms of job security and the possible impact on personal finances. Coronavirus altered the course of the global economy along with the way consumers behaved with their money. With less money spent on dining, entertainment and leisure, discretionary income was saved or used pay down debt. According to Federal Reserve data, Americans reduced revolving debt by $123 billion in 2020, taking total revolving debt below $1 trillion for the first time since 2016. And for those who were negatively impacted by the pandemic with reductions in income, greater vigilance was needed on expenditure. Unsure of how long the pandemic would last, concerned consumers could keep a close eye on their finances by using banking and payment apps. As our latest desktop banking research shows, many banks understand the need for consumers to keep their spending and budgeting on track. Our Digital Banking Hub shows that, of the 81 national, mid-size and small banks and credit unions tracked across the U.S., 54% let users create a budget. Rather than having customers download a separate third-party budgeting tool, bank increasingly look to engage users and provide financial behavioral information in-channel...

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