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About Cameron


21+ years of experience

Cameron Brandt, Director of Research, EPFR, headshot
Cameron Brandt, Director of Research at EPFR, an Informa Financial Intelligence business, monitors the firm’s vast database of mutual fund and exchange-traded fund flows and positioning data across global markets.

As director, Cameron mines EPFR data to isolate themes and identify relevant trends—whether a spike in leveraged bear bonds or shifts in emerging markets—to help buy- and sell-side institutions make more informed decisions. He heads a team of 10 quantitative and qualitative researchers for the database, which tracks around 130,000 share classes and represents roughly $40 trillion of assets under management.

Cameron co-authored an International Financing Review (IFR)-published study of fund flows and produces regular reports on trends that emerge from the data, directing the focus of the research based on clients’ interest.

He previously worked as a journalist at a number of regional papers in the U.S., as well as the managing editor of now-closed World Paper in Boston, publishing a theme-driven international affairs supplement in emerging economies.

Cameron, who grew up in Scotland and Ireland, spends most of his time outside work with his two teenaged children. He also spends much of his time fishing for tuna, trout, carp and salmon, partaking in a pastime he sees as one of the last bastions of true social diversity.


  • B.A., Economics and Political Science; Yale University


“I spent years as a journalist canvassing communities and interviewing people to find the most compelling stories for our readers. At Informa, my job is no different—I scour data tracking trillions of dollars looking for stories our clients can’t see. I build powerful narratives they can use to grow as a firm.”

Analyst Articles

Articles by Cameron

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Flows bloom as indexes regain lost ground

    16 Aug 2022


    Dead cat bounce or the start of a new bull market? The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq ended the second week of August at levels last seen in early May and late April, respectively, while the yield on the 10-year US Treasury note remained below 2.9%.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Bond Fund flows hit a YTD high coming into August

    05 Aug 2022


    EPFR-tracked Bond Funds started August by posting their biggest inflow since mid-4Q21 as investors translated mixed earnings reports and macroeconomic data into an early end to the current tightening cycle in the US.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    An invitation to take on more risk?

    01 Aug 2022


    As expected, the fourth week of July ended with the Federal Reserve hiking US interest rates by another 75 basis points.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    For Europe, the screws keep tightening

    By Cameron Brandt 21 Jul 2022


    The third week of July was a tense one for investors with a European focus, who waited for the answers to a number of thorny questions.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Darkest just before the dawn?

    By Cameron Brandt 14 Jul 2022


    Given the raft of unsettling news and data thrown at them during the second week of July, investors showed considerable fortitude.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    A few green shoots as third quarter starts

    By Cameron Brandt 07 Jul 2022


    Flows during the first week of the third quarter favored liquidity, with EPFR-tracked Money Market Funds recording their biggest inflow year-to-date.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Investors batten down the hatches going into the third quarter

    By Cameron Brandt 05 Jul 2022


    Investors pulled money out of all the major EPFR-tracked fund groups during the final week of June as they closed the books on a quarter that saw inflation in Europe hit record highs, energy prices soar, the US Federal Reserve deliver their biggest rate hike at a single meeting since 1994 and the benchmark S&P Index endure its worst opening half of any year since 1970.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    2Q22 ending with more than a whimper

    By Cameron Brandt 23 Jun 2022


    Against a backdrop of market volatility, slowing economic growth in Europe and North America, gasoline prices and mortgage rates in the US firmly above $5 a gallon and 5%, respectively, continued fighting in Ukraine and ongoing Covid-related disruptions to China-based supply chains, investors pulled over $45 billion from EPFR-tracked Equity, Bond, Alternative and Balanced Funds during the third week of June.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    For investors, light dims as solstice approaches

    By Cameron Brandt 16 Jun 2022


    The Northern hemisphere’s summer solstice, which occurs on June 21, marks the day when it is light for the longest period. In the week preceding that date, however, investors could be excused for thinking the solstice marks the period of maximum darkness.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Waiting on the central bankers in early June

    By Cameron Brandt 09 Jun 2022


    With the European Central Bank meeting the day after the latest reporting period and US Federal Reserve policymakers convening five days later, flows to EPFR-tracked fund groups were predictably subdued in early June.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Investors test the floor for US assets

    By Cameron Brandt 26 May 2022


    Although the flow of unsettling developments continued in late May – will Covid-19 pass the baton to Monkeypox? – investors recovered some of their appetite for exposure to US assets.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    ESG Funds finding the going hard in 2Q22

    By Cameron Brandt 19 May 2022


    EPFR-tracked Equity Funds extended their longest run of outflows since 3Q19 during the week ending May 18 as slowing global growth, tighter monetary policy in the US, war in Ukraine and widespread lockdowns in China kept investors on the defensive.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Growing fears about global growth hit flows

    By Cameron Brandt 16 May 2022


    Asset markets endured further pain during the second week of May as investors tried – and largely failed -- to square tighter monetary policy in the US and other markets with the latest global GDP forecasts.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    Sticks outnumber carrots in early May

    By Cameron Brandt 05 May 2022


    The first week of May ended with the US Federal Reserve raising its key interest rate by 50 basis points. Investors, who expected a hike of that magnitude but feared the Fed might opt for a 0.75% increase, spent most of the week taking defensive positions.

    Topic Industry News

  • EPFR - fund flow & allocations data

    China: Locked down but not out

    By Cameron Brandt 01 May 2022


    As key US indexes closed their books on a month that saw the Nasdaq record its biggest drop since October 2008, investors seeking to escape market volatility turned to cash and to Chinese equity. 

    Topic Industry News